All the information you need to know about mercury exposure, all the symptoms it causes, the biochemistry behind its toxic effects, how to get it out of your body and what medicines and supplements you can try for your various symptoms, are in Andy’s book Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment, which can be purchased at  


Some people may have exposure to metals other than mercury.  Other elements that can cause toxicity include lead, arsenic, antimony, copper, bismuth and silver.  How you get exposed to these, what they do to you and what to do about them are discussed in Andy’s book, Hair Test Interpretation, Finding Hidden Toxicities which can be purchased at  This book also explains how to interpret hair tests and how to chelate according to the AC protocol.

About 75% of the children who are sick enough for their parents to wind up in one of our support groups turn out to have mercury poisoning.  Either they have a hair test that meets a counting rule, or they react to chelation.  Children respond very well to the Cutler protocol and improve quickly for the most part.  A manual specifically about chelating children is Fight Autism and Win (second edition) by Jan Martin and Tressie Taylor available at


I have an online shop where you can buy supplements for a 25% discount.  Not all the supplements listed there are recommended but it is a good place to buy Thorne Adrenal Cortex and Nordic Naturals fish oil, for instance.   The link is:  The access code is MERCURY

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There are various support groups for the Cutler protocol, where experienced moderators can answer your questions.  These are:

Fight Autism and Win, Detoxing Kids Facebook group

Andy Cutler Chelation Think Tank Facebook group

Frequent Low Dose Chelation Yahoo group

Adult Metal Chelation  Yahoo group


Websites where you can find instructions on how to follow the protocol:


Useful databases to answer your questions and do research: moriam/ANDY-INDEX.html


A collection of testimonials from people who have had success with the Cutler protocol; there is a section for children and another for adults and a section on “What Not to Do”:


Finally, Andy and I are working on a book to be published soon.  It will be a users manual on how to chelate with the Cutler protocol, written as clearly as we can possibly make it.



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