My name is Rebecca Lee

I cowrote the book The Mercury Detoxification Manual with Andrew Hall Cutler, Phd.

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On p. 17 of that book we say, “You may very well have mercury poisoning if any of the following are true:

  • You have been told by a doctor to see a therapist when you were obviously physically ill.

  • You have a medical file more than an inch thick.

  • You have a cupboard bursting with supplements and medicines.

  • You have consulted with multiple doctors and practitioners without much progress.

  • You have tried all kinds of diets and cleanses.”

If you have gotten as far as listening to me here, right now, that is probably diagnostic, too.

The modern world is full of people who feel pretty horrible all the time and can never get much help.  They go from doctor to doctor getting tested and nothing much shows up. The only help they get is to be sent to a therapist for treatment for depression or possibly, “somatization disorder.” It took me years to figure out what was wrong with me.  

Once, over at my daughter’s house, I was so exhausted I collapsed on the couch and got reprimanded for not taking off my shoes.  I did not have enough energy to take off my shoes!  I was sick in a way nobody could see and I had to power through with hardly any sympathy from anybody.

Along with debilitating fatigue, I had insomnia, aches and pains that would appear and disappear in different locations, digestive problems, and worst of all, anxiety and depression. Every morning I would wake up and a miasma of anxiety would seep into my brain.  The whole day I would worry, like a dog with a bone, about whatever the current problem. Other people in similar circumstances didn’t seem to have a care in the world.  Why did I have to endure this constant, low-level suffering?


I went to all kinds of doctors and practitioners to try and get back my good health. Regular doctors didn’t have much to offer, although I did take Prozac for quite a while.

Suffer From Anxiety and Depression.jpg

The lack of help from regular doctors lead me to alternative medicine and I spent years wandering from practitioner to practitioner looking for answers.  I used Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture; I was at the chiropractor about once a week; I saw a psychotherapist and I took nutritional supplements by the handful.

These interventions always helped but the gains would never stick.

About twelve years ago, I got diagnosed with breast cancer and was really scared. I decided to do the surgery and radiation, but I had to ask myself how come I was starting to get cancer.  My chiropractor sent me to the best person he knew that could figure out complex problems.  This was a terribly expensive “chiropractic neurologist.”  He did muscle testing and put me on a boat load of supplements.  

I started to feel better, but I had a really disturbing symptom that held on. I felt I had lost the maps in my head.  I used to be able to know how to get from point A to point B when I was out driving around town, but now, when I got out of a parking lot, I couldn’t even remember which way to turn.

The doctor I was seeing said to me, “As a neurologist, I find that a very disturbing symptom,” and went on to test me (as best he knew how) for mercury toxicity.  The test came back off the chart for mercury.  

Elephant in the room.jpg


Chronic mercury poisoning causes well over 200 different symptoms and different people will suffer with different constellations of these depending on their individual biochemistry. Mercury toxic people’s cases are notoriously complicated and difficult to treat. If your doctor has even heard of the problem, he will have little help to offer. If he does have any suggestions, it will often be something that will make you worse.

I started a heavy metal chelation program under the care of this doctor but it didn’t work out very well. He had me taking a mercury chelator a couple times a day with my amalgam fillings in place. I wound up crying all the time. I became so sad and weepy that even a commercial on TV could make me cry.  

Finally, I had the sense to stop what I was doing and reassess.

The doctor who was treating me seemed to lose interest in my case, too. Later I learned that mercury toxic people have the reputation for having extremely complex issues, rarely getting better and being so disillusioned with their journey around the medical system, that they are very difficult to deal with.


Andy Cutler.jpg


Andy got sick from his mercury amalgam fillings. With his PhD in chemistry, he figured out how to get better and wrote a book about it.

I started poking around on the internet and came across the work of Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD.   Andy Cutler was a chemical engineer with his degree from Princeton.  He had learned about mercury poisoning after getting ill when his dentist placed several “silver” fillings below his gum-line with access to his blood supply. 

Andy got a diagnosis of chronic mercury poisoning from an alternative doctor. It took him a bit of self-experimentation and, like myself, getting worse before he realized what he was being told made no sense.  His education was in chemical kinetics and he applied this to the problem and developed a protocol.

This is what he has to say about his experience:

“I was very lucky when I got sick. Not lucky to get sick!  That was a terrible experience! But lucky to have received exactly the right education before I needed it – a PhD in chemistry (Princeton 1985 ) - close enough to medicine to be able to read physician’s textbooks but not close enough to share all the myths and be sure of the things ‘everyone knows’.” (From Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment, p.7.)


“…I happened to be the guy with exactly the right specialized knowledge who had to figure it out right for my own sake, and who could read (with great difficulty) Russian language papers, and who was very used to actually looking up and reading and interpreting journal papers for whether they were actually correct… “

Andy went on to develop a protocol for detoxing mercury in a safe way.  This is what he has to say about the work he did:

“I didn’t derive my protocol from on high.  I looked stuff up and tried it, talked about it on a listserver (the list) and others tried it as well.  After getting large numbers of positive and consistent reports I considered it a protocol and wrote a book about it.  I would have considered it shockingly irresponsible to advocate it based solely on theoretical reasoning, without many hundreds of people trying it and talking about it with me.”

This is the protocol that I came across when I was reading about mercury poisoning on the internet.  I bought and devoured Andy’s two books:  Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment and Hair Test Interpretation, Finding Hidden Toxicities.  They were hard going for me, too.  First of all, they are pretty technical and I am a liberal-arts major, and then I had lost my ability to concentrate.  I had to read and reread paragraphs and even then, I didn’t feel that the information had sunk in. I gave Amalgam Illness to my son in law who is a chemical engineer and asked him if it was for real or just some more hooie, and he said no, the work made sense.

So, I joined the Andy Cutler chelation yahoo group and started reading everything everybody had to say. Even when I was visiting India, I would sit in a little broiling internet shop with a fan and read all these reports and testimonials and questions.  Finally, I had learned enough and went and got all my fillings removed and got going on the program.


How would it feel to get find out that your MS or other incurable disease was really just mercury poisoning? How would it feel to find out that you are not mentally ill, you are poisoned, instead?

Find out what is behind the symptoms you have been having all these years that nobody has been able to do anything about.

Detoxing mercury with the Andy Cutler protocol is not a magical or overnight process.  It is ‘a marathon, not a sprint,’ as the saying goes.  One thing would get better and then it would seem that something else would come out of the woodwork, but on the whole, it was a slow and steady progress back to health.  Right off the bat, people started to tell me I was “aging backwards,” and that was certainly nice to hear.

It is a mysterious process, too.  

I found out that some aspects of my personality, which I had just taken for granted, were in fact caused by this toxicity.  I am a much happier person than I was.

I am not going to claim that I am completely without health issues.  But I can say that I am 72 years old, look young for my age, very rarely use any pharmaceutical meds at all and as a general rule have no aches and pains.  I hardly worry about anything anymore, either. I am married to a man who is considerably younger than I and we are building a guest house in Jamaica together.   This was not at all the trajectory I was on when I was still toxic.  I think I was well on the road to getting dementia when I started out.  My daughter has told me that she thought so, too.



While I was still toxic, I was in the hospital quite a lot with two hip replacements and gall bladder surgery, and cancer surgery so I got to observe the hospital-going public pretty closely.  At first, I thought all the sick and exhausted and overweight people I was seeing was because of bad food.  To that end, I completed the certificate program at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition.  When I finally figured out that my own health problems were because I was toxic with heavy metals, I decided that something more profound than the Standard American Diet was going on in society.  I concluded that heavy metal toxicity was the root cause that needed attention and I decided to specialize in the Andy Cutler protocol.  I emailed Andy Cutler and with great trepidation asked if he would mentor me and “if yes, to what extent?”  “Yes, and probably a lot,” was his answer. “Because of all those poor sick people out there.” The following couple of years I started to work with clients and every time I encountered a problem I couldn’t figure out on my own, I would call him and ask him for help.

A pivotal moment in my life and career was when he asked me to help him write a book. He made me do a whole lot of studying before we got started.  I learned a great deal during those four years it took us to write The Mercury Detoxification Manual. 

In conclusion, if you are “one of those poor sick people” that Andy talked about, you are going to have trouble finding someone who understands what you are going through.  I understand perfectly because I have been through it myself. I will listen to you and believe you and give you support.  BOOK AN APPOINTMENT.  Let me get you going on the right track.  Let me help you get back to the health and the happy disposition that is your birthright!



“I did a Skype consult with Rebecca Lee and she precisely understood how I had arrived at this point and how to get out of it.  Absolutely zero conventional doctors had a clue and would have thrown life-damaging treatments at me had I listened to them. She did a write-up assessment which was on the money and guided me to a safe and proper start in the chelation journey. She 'held my hand' through the mercury thicket until I could see my own way out, which wasn't too long once I began chelating.”


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