I was born to a U.S. Foreign Service officer and have lived all over the world, including in New Zealand, Jamaica, Iceland, Belgium, and India. I resided for twelve years in India’s coastal state of Goa, where my three children were born. I have an Integrative Institute of Nutrition certificate as a health coach and was trained and certified by Andy Cutler on how to recognize heavy metal problems. I currently live in Burlington, Vermont, where I coach people on the practical aspects of using the Andy Cutler protocol to clear up mercury and other heavy metal issues. To learn more about support groups, books and websites, visit the Resources page of my website at http://www.maybeitsmercury.com/resources.html.

If you are already working with a doctor or perhaps multiple doctors, that is very good.  I have absolutely no medical qualifications and was actually a French literature major in college.  But I have become an expert  on the mechanics of chelating.  I am an expert on the practical details of actually doing it.  I have been really sick, myself, and I have figured out how to make myself better...this through chelation using the Andy Cutler protocol.  I have made many mistakes along the way and fumbled up every way possible.  Ultimately, I have figured out how to do it right, stick with it, get it done, and recover my good health.  You can too.  I've been through it and can help you and be your guide.


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