Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Here is Episode Two of “The Chelation Wars.” In Episode One I talked about the interview between Chris Shade of Quicksilver Scientific and Becky Davila that appeared on YouTube recently. I wrote that we Andy Cutler Chelation (ACC) people were “not amused,” (as Queen Victoria would famously remark) by what Dr. Shade had to say.

In the interview Shade is asked his opinions about “what are the flaws he sees in ACC.” In the process of going on and on about his opinions and how wonderful his products are, he makes many false statements about ACC. It would have been closer to the truth if he had simply stated that he “is not familiar with ACC” because he obviously isn’t.

In this episode, we confine ourselves to a few aspects of Shade’s misunderstanding of the protocol: calling adherents a cult, calling it unrealistic for a lot of people, saying it mostly uses DMSA, that night doses are unnecessary, that the protocol is untested, and that glutathione is a chelator. We have a lot more to say but we will do that in episode 3. Two of my colleagues, who are more scientifically inclined than myself have helped me with this article.

At about 1.07 minutes into the interview Chris Shade calls Cutler followers a cult because we think that frequent low dose oral chelation is the only safe way to get mercury out of the body. “At that point you are a devotee and not a seeker and you just believe into the cult” is what he has to say.

Many of us regressed using methods that Andy advised against and then recovered on ACC and we are grateful to Andy and for the protocol he developed. That does not in any way qualify us as a “cult”. Andy literally saved many of our lives.

Andy claimed that frequent, low dose, oral chelation was the best and safest way to detox mercury. He recognized that a few did OK with other methods but made the analogy of Russian roulette. The next dose might be the one that gives the