Faith and Patience

Those of you who have been watching my videos have probably figured out by now that I meditate. The kind of meditation that I do is called Vipassana or insight meditation. It originated in Burma and was brought to the USA in the seventies by a bunch of young practitioners. My favorite of these is Joseph Goldstein. He wrote a book called Mindfulness that outlines this method in a very systematic way. I hope that you will find the Detox Manual that I wrote with Andy Cutler easy to understand and systematic, too!

Vipassana is a secular practice. Anybody can do it, but I do not recommend it over any other spiritual practice. Our mercury support groups are full of people from all kinds of religions. If you are a Christian, you can pray. If you are a Muslim, there is also prayer. There are umpteen other meditation practices that range from the various varieties of Buddhists, through the various varieties of Hindus and lots of other religions, too.

My father, who came from a long line of Episcopalians’, favorite hymn was “Spirit of God,

Descend Upon My Heart." One stanza goes:

I ask no dreams

No prophet ecstasies,

No sudden rending

Of the veil of clay.

No angel vision,

No opening skies,

But take the dimness of my soul away.

I like that hymn too because meditation is a bit of a slog. There are few sudden insights, flashes of light or fireworks. At least not for me. The progress, if you can call it that, is slow and incremental. You must just show up and do it. It is sort of like chelation.