Pitfalls in the Program

Here is a rewrite of a document by Andy Cutler and Brian McBlain. It is about pitfalls that can keep you from making progress. If you are not seeing any improvement in your symptoms while following the Andy Cutler protocol of frequent low dose oral chelation, you may be making one of the mistakes below.

1. You didn’t get all the amalgam out of your mouth. Problems from chelating with hidden amalgam can range from simple lack of progress to extreme side effects at even low doses of chelators. Amalgam that is missed can be hidden under crowns. Sometimes pieces are left in extraction sites. Sometimes little flecks get left over from where fillings were removed. Check, check and recheck for hidden amalgam when you are experiencing problems with chelation.

2. You are chelating in the presence of an ongoing exposure. Examples of this are high mercury fish, mercury that was spilled in the environment or, in the case of lead, flaking paint and dust in your house. There are many hidden exposures. You may be able to check for ongoing exposure with a blood test.

3. You are not respecting the half-life of the chelators. Some people think it is okay to take DMSA or ALA a few times per day. Unfortunately, until we find chelators with longer half-lives, you must take ALA maximum every three or four hours, DMSA every four, and DMPS (which is a bit easier) every 8.

4. You are skipping the night-time dose. Sometimes people are so averse to waking up at night that they try to skip the night-time dose. You can’t do that. It will cause redistribution and hurt you.

5. You are ending the round too soon. A complete round is a minimum of 63 or 64 hours. Another way to express this is 3 days and the 2 intervening nights. If you stop earlier, you will feel bad.

6. You are dosing too high. Your dose of chelator is moving more mercury than your liver can handle and what is not getting excreted is getting redistributed. Since feeling awful may have been your norm for a long time, it can be difficult to know if you are making this mistake. Yo