Updated: Jul 29

I once answered one of those perennial complaints that the ACC people are a cult, by saying, that, Yes, you do tend to love and revere someone who figures out why you are sick and helps you recover for free.

I had spent years trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I hadn’t been half as sick as some of the people I work with or listen to on the Facebook group. But it does seem as though I have had every single symptom you could get, just not as severe. I was always trying to figure out what was wrong and doing this or that cleanse or fast…or boiling up  paper bags full of Chinese herbs.  And all those things helped but nothing would stick.  I also endured a lot of surgeries as this or that part of my body gave up and fell to pieces.  I don’t think anyone in my family really understood how exhausted and depleted I felt all the time.  Most mercury toxic people don’t get much sympathy, that’s for sure.

When I finally got a diagnosis I just jumped on it.  After a few mistakes and false starts, and all this part is kind of “the fog of war” for me, I finally got Amalgam Illness and just devoured it.  I read the Yahoo group every single day.  I can remember, for instance, sitting in this grim little internet café on the Baga road in Goa, India, obsessively reading all the posts.  I don’t think I had started chelating by then.  Andy used to post in that group a whole lot, so other than from the book, this is the first place I heard his voice.

Later, I got to meet him because he came to a lecture series in Vermont sponsored by Biotics Research.  I posted about it in the Yahoo group and Andy read it and thought it was funny and replied!  You can read what was said here.

By that time I was overcome with hero worship.   Andy was my guru.  I was his humble chela. I hung on his every word. I searched the internet for everything I could find.  I bought CDs of his lectures.

I think a lot of us went through this kind of transference.  He was so ridiculously brilliant and witty and he was saving our lives, too.  The thing is, he was a modest sort of person and he sincerely did not like being idolized.  I eventually worked through that and started seeing him as an ordinary mortal, albeit one who was ridiculously brilliant and witty and who was saving my life.

One day I was looking through my messages and there was one from him!  My guru!  He asked if I would consider writing a book for him. Kris Homme had told him I could write.  Apparently  nobody else he had asked had ever been able to finish anything.  I was the first person to actually do that.   

He wanted another book to sell so he could make a living. He said I could write about whatever I choice. At first I just wanted to do a simple manual, not very thick, with all the rules laid out systematically, because I thought that was what people needed.  But the book grew and grew.  

Andy would send me big blocks of text and I would slice and dice them and move stuff around. I learned a whole lot from working with him. The fact that I have no scientific background whatsoever was an advantage because once I understood what he was saying, I was able to put it into words that a layperson can understand.  Plus there were things that he just assumed that everybody knows that were huge revelations to me. He just assumed things like, “everybody knows that insomnia is caused by your adrenal system being all gummed up.”  But that was a world class revelation for me.  Or that anxiety is from your adrenals, too.  I had suffered with anxiety ALL OF MY LIFE!

So we labored away together on this thing for several years.   I was living up on hill in Port Antonio, Jamaica in a board house with no electricity. I would hike down the rocky path with my laptop and work in the gazebo of a decrepit guest house.  The electricity came from an extension cord through the yard and the roof leaked and there was not a comfortable chair in the place.