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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

When I was sick all the time with chronic fatigue and depression and anxiety I didn’t know what was going on. It never occurred to me that I had mercury poisoning. I didn’t even know that amalgam fillings were toxic. I thought my psychological symptoms were because I had a lot of things to be anxious and depressed about. Which I did. I called up a neighbor who was an MD and asked him for help because I was waking up so damned depressed every day. I was a sodden mess. Even watching insurance ads on TV would make me cry. He gave me a prescription for Paxil.

The Paxil gave me an anxiety attack. All I could do was stand in the corner of the living room and stare at the wall while my poor family hovered around wondering what was wrong. I thought I was just getting worse in a natural sort of way and the SSRI hadn’t kicked in yet, but the doc freaked out and gave me a tranquilizer and switched me to Prozac. That worked better. I can’t remember much but I was on the Prozac for a while.

The feelings I had that day were not caused directly by mercury. They were caused by a bad reaction to a drug. But the experience was so acutely painful that I understood why people kill themselves. I didn’t feel that I was going to kill myself, but I understood how someone would. What I was enduring seemed way more horrible than plain old physical pain.

What worked in the long run, and put paid to my depression, was getting all the mercury out of my brain. Now I am rarely depressed and anxious at all. But the experienced of reacting badly to a chemical that my brain didn’t like lead me to understand what some of the mercury toxic people who we talk to and read in our support group go through. It made me understand how people can actually kill themselves to get out of psychic pain. Sadly, several people in our online community have committed suicide.

This brings me to the topic of today’s blog. In the book The Mercury Detoxification Manual, we put in fully ten pages called WHAT NOT TO DO!! This list comes from our own sad and painful experiences, and listening to the stories of thousands of people. Mercury is no joke! Make any of the numerous common mistakes when you are dealing with it and you can hurt yourself badly. And by hurt yourself I mean make yourself so sick you will wish you were dead.

Here is a list of what not to do. Some of the items have to do with redistribution. Others are agents that we have found make mercury toxic people feel worse. These mistakes are mercurial in their nature (to coin a phrase.) It’s not like you drop dead after doing any one of them. Some people can get away with anything for quite some time…until the bad reaction suddenly hits.


  • Do not chelate with amalgam fillings in your mouth.

  • Do not take chelators in any other way than dosed on their half-life.

  • Don’t try and use cilantro to detox.

  • Don’t use EDTA to chelate.

  • Don’t use chlorella.

  • Don’t take alpha lipoic acid for any other reason than to chelate.

  • No intravenous anything other than vitamin C.

  • Never do glutathione IVs.

  • No challenge tests.

  • Don’t do liver flushes if you are mercury toxic.

  • No homeopathic detox remedies.

Further here are some supplements to avoid:

  • alpha lipoic acid

  • cilantro

  • silver in any form

  • EDTA

  • IMD

  • merthiolate

  • mercurochrome

  • methionine

  • MMS

  • penicillamine

  • R-alpha lipoic acid

Watch out for fluoroquinalone antibiotics and gadolinium contrast

I’m putting this list here without explanation. If you want further explanation you should buy The Mercury Detoxification Manual where it is all laid out. You can also ask for explanations in a comment and I will be happy to elaborate.

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The "Mercury Detoxification Manual" indicates that vitamin D should not be taken when blood levels are low, unless there are clear symptoms that can be attributed to its deficiency. In practice, it is hard to tell whether particular symptoms (e.g. fatigue) are a result of vitamin D deficiency or some other factor. And for those living further up North and staying fully clothed and indoors most of the time we reasonably assume that our D levels are not optimal. What are the risks of supplementing vitamin D and what that has to do with Mercury detoxification?

Replying to

It is the question most people ask me about because the advice goes against what everyone is saying right now. Andy found that when blood levels are low and you push supplements to put them up, that the levels will keep going down. He postulated that the body is doing this for a reason. It does the same thing with iron presumably because the iron is so oxidative and the body is already dealing with so much of that from the mercury.

I have heard reports of people getting hurt from overdoing D. I think is is something you should ask about in the group. Robert Smith-Haldt has some direct experience he can tell you about.


Fluoroquinolone antibiotics are extremely dangerous. However, what do they have to do with mercury toxicity?

Replying to

Yes. Some people take them and nothing happens at all.


Is it ok to do the detox with a root canal in one's mouth?

Replying to

Yes, it is okay. As long as there is no amalgam you can chelate.


Why no glutathione IVs? If the problem isn't excessive oxidation and free radicals, I can see how it wouldn't help much, but how would it hurt?

Rebecca Lee
Rebecca Lee
Dec 14, 2023
Replying to

Glutathione is supposed to be produced inside the cells. When it is introduced outside the cells it will pick up the metals and carry them across the cell walls in to the cells. If you want to boost glutathione, you should take its precursors and let the body make what it needs and where it needs it.

Andy reported that the worst thing about the IVs is that the first few can feel great until the bad one hits and it is not uncommon for people to become bipolar because of them.


Hello, thank you so much for this post. Could you clarify why no ALA? My understanding has been that ALA is a mainstay of Cutler, based on the FB group related to those who use his protocol. It may be my brain fog that has this mixed up. I thought I needed to source ALA rather right away to get started. Thank you for this clarification.

Rebecca Lee
Rebecca Lee
Nov 05, 2023
Replying to

Yes. You use ALA to chelate and taken on the schedule we describe. It is the random use of ALA that you mustn’t do.

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