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What not to Do in the Context of Mercury Detoxification

The internet is full of advice on how to detox metals. Various practitioners have lots of detox advice, too. Some of these methods don’t do anything, but many, many of them are dangerous and our support groups are full of people who managed to injure themselves. Mercury is nasty, dangerous stuff that can injure you in a multitude of different ways, so you want to be sure you are moving it OUT of your body rather than AROUND.

I have had a host of iatrogenic problems myself, and I am extremely wary of doctors. But that said, let me point out, that if it were not for doctors, particularly surgeons, I would have died in childbirth, died of cirrhosis of the liver, (I had hep C), wound up in a wheelchair and/or gone blind. Listen to your doctor. But doctors know nothing, zilch, about mercury detox, so run everything they tell you on that topic past our handy DO NOT DO LIST first. Don’t make a move in the heavy metals detox department without doing this first. In fact, the mere word “detoxification” in the context of heavy metals, should make your hair stand up on end and all your alarms go off.

Pp 52 to 61 in The Detox Manual are about WHAT NOT TO DO!! There is info about avoiding fluoriquinalones and MRI contrast, medical metals and a lot of other useful info. There is also information about some supplements that might be okay for one person and not for the next. But the main DO NOT DO LIST is below. If your doctor or your own research is telling you to do any of the following, just don’t. Don’t wind up “a quivering mass of biochemical wreckage,” as Andy so amusingly put it. Although feeling that way is not amusing at all.

1. Do not attempt to detoxify or chelate in any way (other than sauna) with amalgam fillings in your teeth. This was a mistake I made in the process of many false starts. I don’t blame the doctor who advised me, (well I do, because he charged enormously) but now we have The Detox Manual and there is no excuse. Amalgam fillings are a huge reservoir of mercury that chelators will move around to all kinds of dangerous places and make you horribly worse.

2. You must take actual chelators, which in this context are alpha lipoic acid, DMSA and DMPS on their half-life. Chelators must be dosed this way or not at all. You need to keep the blood levels steady or there will be redistribution. For this reason, NEVER do IVs of a chelator. (OSR/Emeramide enthusiasts say that you can take that product once a day, but Andy thought that a terrible idea).

3. Don’t use cilantro to detox. Cilantro or some molecule in cilantro chelates. It appears to be a chelator that can cross the BB barrier, too. Cilantro is powerful. Lots of people who have used it according to The Medical Medium’s advice, for instance, have got injured. We don’t know how to use cilantro safely so stay away from it.

4. Don’t use any chelators that we don’t advise you to use. “EDTA is not a clinically useful chelator for mercury even though it increases the amount of mercury that shows up in the urine. In an actual human body it does not chelate mercury from sensitive organs or clear it from the body.” (From The Detox Manual) This thing about more mercury showing up in the urine confuses a lot of people. It doesn’t matter how much more mercury shows up in your urine if you have managed to move even a little bit more into your brain.

5. Don’t use chlorella or other detox supplements. A true chelator has two thiol or sulfhydral groups that are spaced in such a way that they can latch on to the mercury ion. Chlorella has only one of these on its molecule and it kind of picks up mercury and flings it around. It just causes redistribution and will make you feel awful.

6. Do not use alpha lipoic acid, a powerful, fat-soluble, mercury chelator, off its half-life. Alpha lipoic acid may help a whole lot with diabetic neuropathy at 600 mg a day, but if you are taking it any other way than what we outline in this protocol, you are going to be concentrating mercury into your brain. This may not show up immediately, but get enough mercury in your brain and you can wind up seriously mentally ill or get dementia or autism or whatever.

7. No IVS other than plain old vitamin C. IVs of chelators will mobilize more than your body can eliminate and the bulk of it will be redistributed. Check out for horror stories.

8. No glutathione IVs. These will mobilize mercury and cause a massive redistribution event without getting any of it out. It is common for people to become mentally ill after these IVs. The most dangerous aspect of these is that people often have several good experiences before the devastating one hits.

9. Don’t do challenge tests. They provide no useful information and because they involve a bolus dose of chelator, they are hugely dangerous.

10. Liver flushes are too hard on your poor mercury toxic liver.

11. Homeopathic remedies can be wonderful for symptoms, but homeopathic detox remedies have consistently made people worse. Homeopathy depends on the body’s natural mechanisms to detox and there is no natural method for getting mercury out of your brain and sensitive organs.

So that is our DO NOT DO LIST! I know I have written and spoken about this before, but it is really important, and people just don’t listen, or they never got a chance to hear this. I am not talking out of my rear end here. Our support groups have thousands and thousands of members, and I have been listening to people’s stories for the last ten years. Andy was at it even longer than that. Be careful! Don’t injure yourself! It is easy to do.

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