Maybe It's Mercury

Here is a list of supplements to take when you have heavy metals.  This list is per Andy Cutler.   More information and supplement suggestions can be had by reading “Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment.”  You can purchase this book from me or by going to

Basic most important supplements:

Buffered Vitamin C
1 to 2 grams four times per day
water soluble antioxidant
contraindication: intolerance

Vitamin E Natural Mixed Tocopherols
>1000iu once per day
lipid soluble antioxidant
contraindications:  intolerance

Zinc ( I use picolinate)
25 to 50mg once a day
Reduce copper, immune support, oppose mercury
contraindications: intolerance, high RBC elements

Magnesium  (Glycinate works well, usually)
150 to 200mg four times per day
Support healthy levels, anxiety, anhydrosis, constipation, tachycardia, hypertension
contraindications: intolerance, diarrhea

Adrenal Cortex (Thorne or Everything Spectrum are good choices)
50 to 1 or 2 thousand mg per day  (start low)
Adrenal support
contraindications: intolerance, jitters

These supplements can also be very helpful

“B50” or “B100” multiple B supplement
1 tab 4 times per day
Improve ATP function
contraindications: intolerance

Coenzyme Q10 
100 to 400mg once a day with fats or oils
Increase mitochondrial energy production
contraindications: Ischemia, in which case us idebenone

Flax oil
1 to 3 TBS per day 
Omega three supplement
contraindications: elevated omega three
Borage Oil
1 to 6 grams per day
GLA supplement
contraindications: elevated GLA, elevated long chain fatty acids
Fish Oil
1 to 3 TBS per day
Omega three supplement
contraindications: elevated omega three

Milk Thistle Extract
1 to 3 caps three times per day
Liver protectant, bile flow enhancer
contraindications: intolerance

1000mcg once per day
sulfide and aldehyde tolerance
contraindications: intolerance

500 mg 4 times per day
Magnesium retention, improve brain, kidney and heart function, electrolyte regulation, chlorine sensitivity, bile production
contraindications: intolerance

5 to 10mg three to four times per day
Improves cognition
contraindications: intolerance

Vitamin A
500iu to 10,000iu once a day
Water soluble antioxidant
contraindications: no more that 10,000 iu for fertile women!

6+ grams per day
improve growth hormone, gut integrity, bacterial resistance, hypertension
contraindications: diabetes, intolerance, herpes infection

And finally, these supplements, too

7.5 mg once per day
Lipid soluble ant-oxidant
contraindications: chemical sensitivity

200 to 400mcg four times per day
Glycemic control
contraindications: intolerance

Acetyl-l-Carnitine or Carnitine
250 to 500 mg four times per day
Improve brain and heart function and fat utilization
contraindications: intolerance

2 to 12 grams per day
Improve immune and serotoninergic function
contraindications: temporal lobe problems

Ergoloid Mesylate (RX) (Trade name: Hydergine)
5 mg four times per day
Brain specific antioxidant
contraindications: intolerance specific in psych patients

2 to 4 grams per day
Herpes virus suppression, artery clearing, balance arginine
contraindications: intolerance