Many mercury toxic people have issues with parasites. This is because those aspects of the immune system that are supposed to keep parasites in check have been compromised by the toxicity and don’t work properly. It is going to be hard to get this situation under control before getting some of the mercury burden down. But sometimes, in the meantime, a person will want to kill off any parasites that are making them miserable while they are working on getting their body working properly again.

In the “Materia Medica” in Amalgam Illness, Andy mentions Black Walnut as a useful remedy to kill parasites. He warns, however, that it is really strong stuff and don’t take it unless you know what you are doing, or without some kind of competent medical supervision. Having ruined my digestion for months using anti-parasitic herbs I strongly second that opinion.

Parasites and candida, by the way, do not store mercury in order to protect you and then release it when they die. That is an urban myth. What you are experiencing is not mercury redistribution. Either you have killed off too many critters at once and their little corpses are rotting and making you ill. Or perhaps you have killed off all your good intestinal flora and ripped your gut lining to shreds. So, do be careful when you undertake any parasite killing campaign.


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