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Have you been "wandering in the wilderness" with your health? Do you have a cupboard full of supplements and medicines and have you been to numerous doctors and practitioners without much success?

Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD PE

Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD PE

1956 - 2017

"You are not crazy. You are poisoned"

Let me evaluate you for heavy metal poisoning and work out a plan for you to get better.   

 I coach  the Andy Cutler Protocol of frequent, low-dose, oral chelation.  No other method works half as well to get your body detoxed and working properly again.

 Don’t make the same mistakes I did and make yourself worse.  Let me help you.


"As a result of severe mercury toxicity and redistribution, I found it impossible to wade through the endless pages and information regarding the do's and don'ts of chelation therapy. I had already done several if not all, of the 'don'ts'.  I needed someone like Rebecca who's been through it to help me stay away from the don'ts, so that I could get better as soon as possible. I tried group forums but they didn't help. I would have to wait days for the answer, and there were so many off-topic comments. With Rebecca I was able to get the right answer right away, no waiting. No confusion.

I highly recommend Rebecca as your chelation coach because everyone needs someone like her by their side. She is reasonably priced and prompt with her emails and always willing to call or Skype in tight spots when I really needed someone to talk to. I could not have got this far without Rebecca Rust Lee."

Thank you, Rebecca!

- Giovanni

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Rebecca Rust Lee for the tremendous work she did in creating The Mercury Detoxification Manual. I read that book first, and after successfully chelating for about four months to incredible improvement, bought and read Andy's original Amalgam Illness almost cover to cover.

AI is a remarkably thorough and cogent textbook on chronic mercury poisoning and its cure, but the sheer quantity and complexity of the information presented was overwhelming, even after reading everything else I could get my hands on on the topic (and becoming a health nut the last two years before that), not to mention the lack of specificity in some areas (like supplementation dosages) and learned experience from two decades of internet discussion.

If I had read AI first, I might never have chelated at all, or these last few months would have been extremely difficult. The MDM is billed as "written for the severely brain-fogged," and I could not agree more. AI is what I would give to my physician. The MDM is what I would give to a friend.
Thank you, Rebecca, from the bottom of my heart.
- J.H.


Maybe its MERCURY Group

This group is for people dealing with chronic mercury poisoning. In this group, you can post your questions, and join discussions. A wider range of discussion than other AC chelation groups. also, get one-on-one support from Rebecca.


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