If you have got as far as to be reading this, you probably do, indeed, have mercury poisoning.

Let me evaluate you for heavy metal poisoning and work out a plan for you to get better.   

 I coach  the Andy Cutler Protocol of frequent, low-dose, oral chelation.  No other method works half as well to get your body detoxed and working properly again.

 Don’t make the same mistakes I did and make yourself worse.  Let me help you.


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“I had 13 or 14 amalgams put in before 16 years old. Just after turning 60, I started to feel an unnatural tiredness creeping in with a few other symptoms like morning and evening vertigo and feeling off-balance.  I searched the internet for clues and everything pointed to mercury and amalgams. The next step was amalgam removal. I went to my local (untrained in safe amalgam removal) dentist and asked her to follow the guidelines for a safe removal, which she said she could do. Long story, short -- she couldn't. She put me over the edge by grinding away at one filling for an hour, didn't finish the job and left 1/2 the filling in there without telling me. I felt sick later that evening and woke up in mercury hell. I had a suicidal episode 3 nights later for the 1st time in my life and then all hell broke loose -- a multitude of symptoms relentlessly plagued me: suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue with crashes, hypoglycemia, panic attacks, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation episodes lasting 6-9 hours (25 such episodes in total, blacked out during one, fell on my face and ended up in the ER getting patched up) heart palpitations, asthma, food sensitivities, uncontrollable negative destructive thinking, peripheral neuropathy, fear of being alone, eyesight problems, perceptual problems -- the software wasn't in sync with the hardware, vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus, balance issues, loss of natural creative thinking ability, hyper-sensitivity to bad music, bad people, bad news, etc. In total, there were 3 trips to the ER, 4 to Urgent Care.

Fortunately, I had decided early on to use Andrew Hall Cutler's chelation after getting all the mercury out of my mouth, which led me to one of his experienced assistants, Rebecca Lee. I did a Skype consult with her and she precisely understood how I had arrived at this point and how to get out of it.  Absolutely zero conventional doctors had a clue and would have thrown life-damaging treatments at me had I listened to them. She did a write-up assessment which was on the money and guided me to a safe and proper start in the chelation journey. She 'held my hand' through the mercury thicket until I could see my own way out, which wasn't too long once I began chelating.

Fortunately, I took well to the chelators and chelating and it was relatively smooth sailing. After 4 months chelating, with the guidance of a psychiatrist, I was able to begin reducing an anti-depressant I had begun taken for the 1st time in my life. After 20 months, I was completely off it and felt 90% over everything and began chelating far less. I still continue as I seem to get a benefit from doing it once in a while. I still hope to rid myself of the only remaining symptoms which are tinnitus and slightly numb toes.  These have improved about 90%."

Bruce Lulla


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