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My Story

I learned about mercury because of issues I had with my own health. When I returned to the United States after living for years in Goa, India, my father took me to his dentist.  This dentist x-rayed my teeth and said that the work that had been done in India was sub-standard and I should have all my fillings redone. He proceeded to drill out eight or nine amalgam fillings, using no precautions whatsoever, and replace them all with new amalgam.  At that same time, though I didn't put two and two together, I had a "nervous breakdown."  I became deeply despondent and wept all day for about two weeks.  For the next 25 years, I suffered from chronic anxiety and depression, poor energy, strange body pains that would come and go and move around and frequent bouts of total exhaustion.  I went to all kinds of practitioners and took buckets of supplements.  I was often able to get my health back into shape but I never seemed to be able to make it stick.

Finally, after being treated for my first bout of breast cancer, I consulted a chiropractic neurologist.  He said I had some weird neurological disorder,  a condition normally found in people under enormous stress, such as air traffic controllers.  He gave me loads of supplements and some eye exercises.  I started to feel better, as usual but complained to him that I was having trouble finding my way around.  I said that I should be able to find my way from X street to Y, but I couldn't.  I should know, when I came to an intersection, whether to turn left or right, but I didn't.  "As a neurologist," he said, "I find that a very disturbing symptom."  He had me do a DMSA challenge test and it came back off the charts for mercury and lead.  (Please note that this is not a safe or informative test to do, but I did not know this at the time.)

I went on a chelation protocol of 250 mg of DMSA twice a day, with the amalgam fillings still in my mouth.  Once again, I became extremely despondent and wept all the time.  Finally, after much poking around on the Internet, I learned about "frequent low dose chelation" and the Andrew Cutler protocol.  I ordered Amalgam Illness and read it and gave it to my son-in-law who is a chemical engineer, to look at.  It made sense to me but I know zero about science.  My son-in-law who has a very precise and logical mind said it made sense to him, too.

Since that time I have been using this method, which involves low frequent doses of chelating agents. In order to keep the blood levels stable. 

Slowly but surely, as I chelated with the Cutler protocol, I started getting my health back.  About a year in, people would tell me I was “aging backwards.” I was able to do more than one thing a day.  I was able to make it through an entire yoga class without collapsing.  I wasn’t lying on my back recovering from fatigue all the time.

What was really interesting about detoxing was that aspects of my personality that I had thought were just that, aspects of my personality, changed.  I had always felt rather a shy “outsider.”  I had felt weird and inappropriate in social situations.  I had thought that this was a function of my being a “foreign service brat” and having changed countries every few years all of my childhood.  As I chelated these neurotic traits just fell away.  Nowadays, although I still feel a tad eccentric, I am much more able to function like a normal member of society.

I made a several mistakes on my journey and mistakes in this business can be dire.   Mercury is an insidious and subtle poison.  You want to move it OUT of your body but it is quite easy to move it around from place to place and make yourself worse. If you think you have too much mercury in your body let me guide you through this process so everything goes smoothly for you.

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