How to Detox Lead

In my blog post, “Lead Safe Mama and Andy Cutler” I make a pretty impassioned plea to people with children who have lead poisoning to chelate them and get that lead out of their bodies. All the doctors do is blood tests, remove the sources of exposure, and then do more blood tests until the lead levels go down. That’s all they’ve got. They don’t try to bring the body burden down and a lead burden will cause problems for the child’s entire life.

Being poisoned with a heavy metal isn’t the same as having a traumatic brain injury or a tumor. Instead, you have a poison stuck in your body that causes disruptions in ongoing chemical processes. Since your body is one big chemical factory, this can cause a whole lot of problems. Many of these problems manifest as psychological symptoms. People with mercury are anxious and depressed and often as eccentric as all hell. People with lead are “heavy” and have anger and impulse control issues. There are hundreds of other symptoms so that is a pretty superficial assessment….but that bull in the china shop child with ADD/ADHD may well have lead going on. Symptoms look different in adults, but that fellow who was supposed to remove a washing machine from my basement and wound up dropping it on the floor with a crash and storming out….he probably had lead, too. Personally, I think our prisons are full of lead toxic people.

Lead and mercury are synergistic. A person with both of them will have symptoms of both toxicities but exponentially worse. There are a lot of ways to get exposed to both of these metals and many, many people have enough of them in their bodies to cause symptoms.

I have written a whole book about how to detoxify mercury, The Mercury Detoxification Manual, which you can buy right from this website. There is a chapter in the book on how to detoxify lead, too. The protocol for lead is a little bit different from the protocol for mercury and since so many people are under the impression that their children have permanent brain damage from lead and there is nothing that can be done about it other than behavioral therapy, I would like to say something about what is involved.

A person’s lead load gets taken up and stored in the bones because the body mistakes the lead for calcium. We tell people who are living in an environment where they may be exposed to lead to take supplemental calcium and to avoid vitamin D for this reason. (We also tell them to get out of the toxic environment as fast as they can.) The lead in the bones comes out into the blood and then is recirculated back into the bones. It is “a reservoir of toxin to keep the person poisoned for life” (Hair Test Interpretation p.99)

The agent that we recommend to chelate lead is DMSA. The person who is chelating should do eight “rounds” of DMSA to get rid of the lead that is currently circulating in the blood. After those initial eight rounds, they only need to do one round a month. This once a month schedule gives the body time to dump more lead out of the bones and into the blood where it is available to be chelated by the DMSA. It takes a long time for all the lead to get circulated out of the bones and into the blood and chelated out of the body.

It is a long-term undertaking and takes several years. There is no lab test that will tell you if all the lead has been chelated out. You have to go by symptoms and also by whether the person chelating is reacting to the DMSA. Any reaction, good or bad, to a chelator means that there is some chelatable metal present.

There are two books which explain in detail how to do a DMSA “round.” The book for adults is The Mercury Detoxification Manual,” which you can buy right here at this website. The book for chelating children is called Fight Autism and Win which you can buy from Here.

So please, if you got exposed to lead and are living constantly holding your temper under a tight rein…or if you have a child with impulse and anger control issues, chelate them, chelate yourself and get better!

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Fight Autism and Win. Available at Here.


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