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When I was a college student, I did a junior year abroad in Paris.  The outfit that organized this sent us to classes at various institutions and at one, L’institut Brittanique, I got a Jesuit priest as a teacher. “Suffering,” he told us at one point, “Is the greatest gift that God has given humanity.”.  In my youthful ignorance, I sneered at this. I was hanging out with some serious Marxist types.  It was 1969 and they had just got done throwing paving stones on to the heads of the police from roof tops.  The CRS, or special police, would riot through Montparnasse with batons, hitting us poor clueless foreign students, who had just gone out to see a movie.  It was a big eye opener for the young person that I was. I had lived a life of privilege and comfort and suddenly, for no reason, a policeman was hitting me with a stick.  I wasn’t inclined to believe that suffering was good for anything, either. I hadn’t experienced any suffering, anyway.


 “Autism is my superpower,” say the” neurodivergent” crowd. They are all mercury people but very young and inexperienced.    Us old timers find them irritating.  You are poisoned! The sooner you realize that and detox the way we tell you to, the better for you!”  Of course, they don’t listen.  They are true believers in the paradigm and are all over the internet presumably getting paid big bucks to troll for the powers that be.  They accuse us of trying to murder them by telling them they should chelate.  They are scared they will lose their superpower.  No, you won’t, young person.  You will lose a lot of crappy symptoms, but you won’t lose the good side of the unusual way your brain works. You won’t lose the insights suffering and being an outsider have secured for you, either.


Toxic people suffer a lot. But my Jesuit was right, it turns out.  Being sick like that gives you insight.  Going to 25 different doctors to finally get told that you are crazy is enlightening.  Even when we get detoxed the insights remain:  How is the world set up? what is really going on? Who is telling the truth and who isn’t?


People lie and they do it a lot.  We don’t believe anything anymore unless we see it with our own eyes. We are as smart and savvy as a person who grew up in the ghetto. We have realized that there is no justice and life is not fair and we are on our own. If you think you are going to wind up the way you were before you started this chelation, detox journey, NO, you are not!  Once you have “eyes to see” you can never go back.


You may wind up with karmic merit points. You may become less judgmental, which is supposed to be a good thing. You may acquire some empathy for those deadbeats that look like they should go out and get a job and pull themselves up by their bootstraps. The upside of this is you understand a whole lot more than the average person. The downside of this is you find yourself a bit alienated from society,


 In a meditation retreat I did, my teacher noticed I have a sense of humor.  That is a very useful thing in spiritual practice, he told me.  In my support group, on our zoom call, I have some people who are suffering a lot.  Yet they have developed a fabulous ironic sense of humor. We wind up talking and laughing our heads off.   What else can you do? Life is terrible a whole lot of the time.  All you can do is laugh.

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This is true.

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