Met the Great Man Himself

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

My first encounter with Dr. Cutler and our subsequent back and forth in the Yahoo group.  This took place in 2010.  I labeled it "Met the Great Man Himself."

REBECCA: So, last Friday I went to the Biotics Research "fest" and paid $150 to hear Andy speak and also for that got a nifty blue bag with a lot of propaganda and a few useful plastic items with logos on them.

ANDY: I didn't even end up with the 'swag bag.' ;-(

REBECCA: Andy's lecture was low key. 

ANDY: I am on the downside of the sore throat and lingering cough that is going around, I was a bit concerned that I wasn't quite 'up' enough, but the audience members I talked to thought it was fine.

REBECCA: He had a power point presentation

ANDY: The conference asked that it be that way.

REBECCA: in the same font he uses in his books with no bells and whistles. He covered all the essential stuff from his books without getting excited: tests, chelation protocols, half life, hair tests and supplements. The audience seemed pretty attentive. Maybe there were about 150 people.  

ANDY: That seems about right.