The Chelation Wars, Episode One

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Everybody knows about the vaccine wars. On the one side are the so-called “antivaxxers” who think vaccines are making kids sick. Opposite them is the “pro-science” faction who think vaccines are the greatest thing since sliced bread and if you don’t get them humanity is doomed.

After the “vaccine wars” comes the next controversy: Is there really more chronic illness in the United States? Children’s Health Defense, the outfit run by Bobby Kennedy claims the following:

  • One in every 2 American children is chronically ill;

  • One in every 2 13-18 year olds in the U.S. has been diagnosed with at least one mental health disorder;

  • One in every 3 of U.S. children suffer from anxiety disorders;

  • One in every 6 American children has a developmental disorder;

  • One in every 8 American children requires special education services;

  • One in every 11 American children has ADHD;

  • One in every 12 American children has asthma;

  • One in every 13 American children has food allergies including deadly peanut allergies;

  • One in every 36 American children has autism;

  • More than 15,000 children have been diagnosed with cancer in 2019;

  • 47% of American children are more likely to die before adulthood than children living in other developed countries.

Either this is true or it is not. If you decide that it is true then the question becomes, what is the cause? Some people think mercury, others aluminum, others glyphosate, others too much screen time and so on.

People like myself have decided that it is mostly mercury behind all these problems. The question then becomes, if mercury is behind most of this chronic illness, how do you get it out of your body? Some people say cilantro, others zeolites, others homeopathy, others chelation.

In the chelation camp, you have Boyd Hayley who is developing a new product, Chris Shade, owner of Quicksilver Scientific with a bunch of expensive products and an estimated annual income of 22.3 million dollars and the Andy Cutler people which is us. All we’ve got is three books and a couple of Facebook groups.