A Message for the Clueless and the Chelation Naive.

I am so used to getting a blank, clueless stare when I talk to people about what I do, that I tend to just keep quiet. I have told doctors about it and asked if they wanted to hear more and have been told, no, they don’t. Mercury poisoning is largely iatrogenic, from dental fillings and vaccines, so understanding about it is profoundly disturbing. Nevertheless, there are loads of really sick people out there who are wandering around in the wasteland and need to hear this.

Here is information for the clueless and the chelation naïve. It is for you people who have been going from doctor to doctor and not getting any better, you who have medical files several inches thick. I hope you are on the cusp of having an open mind. I hope you have “ears to hear.” I call my website maybeitsmercury. Maybe your problem is mercury.

Mercury is an undiagnosed epidemic.

  • One reason mercury toxicity is undiagnosed is politics. The exposures are usually iatrogenic, so politicians, doctors and academics steer clear.
  • It causes hundreds of different symptoms and people get constellations of these with hugely different presentations. One person will have MS and the next bipolar disorder, for instance. It’s confusing for medical people.
  • It causes mental illness. People who are toxic range from eccentric to psychotic. It’s confusing for mental health practitioners.
  • It is difficult to test for. The mercury gets sequestered in various compartments in the body and quickly becomes unavailable for testing. We look for its footprint on hair tests. But even these are sometimes uninformative or hard to interpret.

Doctors don’t usually understand this chronic problem. They will send you for all kinds of tests which won’t show anything. You may wind up being told to see a psychiatrist. Naturopaths and other alternate practitioners know about it, but they learn inappropriate testing and detoxing methods in their schools.

This is very toxic stuff. It is lurking in your body interfering with God knows how many of the essential chemical reactions that make up your metabolism. It deactivates the enzymes that are crucial for making these reactions happen. It is putting a spoke in the wheels of the messenger systems and feedback loops that make your body work properly. Plus, it is just burning the crap out of your interior structures because it is so oxidative. You are still alive, but your body is stumbling along in a cockeyed sort of way. Get it out and your body can start functioning properly again. You are never going to cure your gluten intolerance, your mold sensitivity, your chronic Lyme disease or whatever until you address this underlying condition

To get mercury out of your body, you must mobilize it from where it is stored and move it out through the urine or the feces. This will necessarily re-expose you and can cause symptoms or outright injury. People have recovered doing IV chelation or other protocols but lots of them get badly hurt and some so badly that they never recover. The Andy Cuter protocol is the safest and most conservative way to detox this stuff.

if you have been struggling for years to get better and with poor success, if your life is barely worth living, look into this. I cowrote a book about it which outlines the protocol in detail. It is written for the person with brain fog in mind. You can buy it from my website maybeitsmercury.com. You can also join the 75,000 plus member Andy Cutler chelation Facebook group and get educated there.

So, I hope this message will get out and people will buy my book and hire me as a coach and so forth. Mostly though, I hope it will reach the people it needs to reach and that those people will have “ears to hear.”


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