Andy Cutler's Gift to Mothers

Hi. My name is Rebecca Lee and I cowrote the book, the Mercury Detoxification Manual with Andy Cutler, PhD. who should have got a Nobel Prize, worldwide fame and the adulation of the masses for what he figured out. But of course, he didn’t and died in relative obscurity although there are plenty of people who are very grateful for what he did for them. You can read testimonials at There is also a bunch of testimonials I have been accumulating at my website at

The last thing Andy was working on before he died, was the chapter in the Detox Manual called “Does Your Child Need to Chelate, too?” I asked him to write this because I thought that a lot of people are not putting two and two together in understanding that the same thing that is making adults chronically ill and as mad as hatters is giving the little kids autism and all the other problems we see nowadays. He worked hard on this and apparently, he was dying when he did it. I can’t express how important this section is and what a gift to parents.

In the chapter, Does Your child need to Chelate, Too? In it he explains that susceptibility to mercury runs in families and that if you are aware of a problem in yourself, then check your child. The best way to check them is trial rounds of chelation. “If mercury is causing a problem your child will get better with chelation. If it’s not mercury, nothing will happen. You have nothing to lose but a future of suffering and grief that neither you nor your child need to experience.”

The chapter starts off with a discussion of the rate at which children’s teeth should be dropping out and coming in. If some teeth do not come in by the right age, he explains, you need to find out why this is happening. One cause can be low thyroid which mercury and lead can both cause. This needs to be seen to early as it can cause lifelong problems. Then he discusses the growth charts which your doctor is supposed to be filling out at the “well baby visits” but which they often don’t. If your child’s growth is not following a specific curve on the growth charts from the CDC or the WHO then you need to investigate it. Don’t wait for your doctor to tell you to investigate it. Investigation will usually mean trialing chelation.

Then there is his chart of developmental milestones. Every sentence is one milestone. “The times are the age by which your child should already have done this (milestone). If several milestones are missed, it’s usually mercury. If it’s not mercury, it is usually some other toxic metal.” If your child is missing a bunch of these, you need to investigate.

The final section of this chapter is titled “Common Sense.” He prefaces this by writing, “The genes that control your child’s development are the same that controlled his ancestor’s development. His ancestors nursed, played, learned, grew and matured in a consistent pattern from the Stone Age through ancient and biblical times, through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, the last century up till now. Normal healthy development has been crucial to the survival of our species for thousands of years and it’s clear almost all children will develop normally if nothing interferes. If a child is not developing normally, it should ring alarm bells regarding toxicity.”

I used to work in the YMCA at the front desk. One day there was this adorable little girl and a friend boasted that she was in one of his classes. She was so cute! One cute thing she did was flap her hands which alarmed me because I sense that is a sign of “those products that must not be named,” injury. Andy didn’t put hand flapping in his list. If he hadn’t died so soon, I would have asked him to put it there. He did put in “your child often toe-walks,” another symptom that makes me go on high alert and everybody misses. It’s not that these on their own indicate mercury toxicity, but this "common sense" list is a list of symptoms and behaviors that are unusual and children of previous generations did not display. If your child has several of these behaviors, you should investigate.

You can do lab tests for some things, like poor thyroid function, but most of the time “investigating” means trialing chelation. If there is any reaction to chelators, good or bad, then there is something to chelate. If there is nothing to chelate, then nothing will happen.

Chelation is no longer in vogue. It is considered dangerous by regular MDs because the way they want to do it is dangerous. It must be done properly as we have outlined in our book and is outlined in the book Fight Autism and Win.

Andy explained to me that the doctors who specialize in autistic kids, (They used to be called GAPS practitioners) started off using his protocol and their patients would improve. Then they had a meeting and decided it was too onerous to ask the parents to get up at night to dose their kids, so they changed the protocol. When they stopped following the half-life rules, chelation stopped working and tended to made kids worse.

In The Detox Manual, he writes, and these are his words to you young parents: “If you are concerned something is not right but the doctor says everything is fine, the doctor is wrong. You are right - and fancy medical studies have discovered this to be true. It’s also what you’ll hear from the parents of most autistic children who have spent a year or so trying to get their doctor to pay attention.”

“A parent, particularly the mother, is far more sensitive to her child’s state than any doctor can possibly be. Most doctors don’t study child development any more than a parent does nowadays, anyway. The doctor relies on you to recount your experiences with your child. No matter how marvelously expressive you are, it is simply impossible to convey the richness and complexity of having shared your child’s entire life in an appointment that lasts half an hour-if you’re lucky.”

“If you think something is wrong with your child after reading this section,” he says, “try chelation. Just do it. The instructions are the same as for an adult. Only the dosing is different. In a few weeks it will become very clear whether your child needs to chelate. If something happens, they need to do it. If nothing at all happens on round or afterwards, they don’t. It won’t matter how much chelator you give them. If there are no metals to chelate, the chelators will have no effect at all. If something happens it’s because there’s enough toxic metal present to be a problem.”

I had a colicky baby and I clearly remember what it felt like to get no sleep for extended periods of time and that is nothing compared to what many mothers of injured children endure. It grieves me greatly to read the stories of parents, mostly moms as the men can’t stand it and tend to leave, who have “those products that must not be named” injured kids. Please, please do your due diligence about ACC chelation. You have nothing to lose.

Thank you for listening. Please like and share. Andy once told me that he didn’t do the political work around this issue because he was more involved in getting people better. I guess I am too. But still, let’s try and get this info out there more.

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