Another Interview with Andy Cutler

People are busy right now and it is hard to find someone to interview. I don’t feel at my most productive either! But here is a fabulous interview that Andy did for the Weston Price Foundation. I like the way he demystifies what most people think is a complex process.

Andy loved what the Weston Price foundation has to say about food. He was a great cook, and he followed their guidelines. He spoke at their conventions and I wrote this article which is published in their journal.

Weston Price, who was a dentist, thought that bad health sets in when people stopped eating their traditional diets and started eating “the white man’s food.” One of the ways he judged good health was by considering the dental arch. A wide dental arch with plenty of room for all the teeth, indicated a person who had had good nutrition.

Andy often remarked on how modern people have gone “snouty” as compared to our ancestors. And it is common for children to need orthodontal work because their teeth are too crowded. You don’t often see that broad “Weston Price face” these days but if you look back at photos of a hundred years ago, you do.

Interestingly, Andy thought that these changes in health and physiognomy had more to do with metal toxicity than with diet. He pointed out to me once that these toxicities were introduced at the same time as the processed, preserved and sweetened food that Weston Price talked about.


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