Arginine is an amino acid that modulates the immune system and causes it to handle bacteria better. Arginine helps keep tissues healthy by stimulating growth hormone release; it helps heal leaky gut; it is a nitrous oxide precursor and is helpful for the kind of heart pain that responds to nitroglycerin; it is helpful for chronic fatigue.

Arginine can enhance the growth of herpes and other viruses so it is not recommended for people with viral problems or a family history of lymphoma. It is recommended to take both arginine and lysine together in order to make the immune system deal with both viruses AND bacteria.

The body can make small amounts of arginine from food but it is helpful to supplement it during time of stress or illness where it will promote healing. It is an essential element for children, meaning they need arginine in order to grow and develop properly.

Arginine may be supplemented at between 3 and 18 gm per day in divided doses.


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