Beware this Ancient Poison!

You know how history gets divided up into ages? “The Bronze Age,” “The Iron Age” and so forth? We could call our age, “The Age of Poison.” Everywhere you look there is some frigging poisoning going on! I find it ironic that the main underlying poison is mercury. It is ironic that we are managing to poison ourselves with this ancient stuff, and the majority of us don’t even know this is happening. We just think the profound, personality effects are just “who we are.”

Andy Cutler warns us in The Detox Manual, not to make a bunch of chelation mistakes and wind up, “a quivering mass of biochemical wreckage.” Believe me, you can think you are tough, you can think you can push the envelope, but go into that territory a little bit and you wind up with a whole lot more compassion for the neurologically damaged and the mentally ill!

People are always saying, “Well so and so did this or that protocol and they were fine, and they got better.” Perhaps they did. People do get better doing IVs or drinking cilantro smoothies. Sometimes, I suppose, anyway. But another analogy Andy used to use was Russian roulette. You really don’t want to find out what can happen if you get the wrong chamber in that revolver! So, stick to this protocol. It is the most conservative way to detox mercury. It is arguably the only safe way to detox mercury.

There are no fast ways out of being toxic. It doesn’t matter how much you pee or poop out if in the meantime you have moved even a little bit from someplace where it was not doing any harm into someplace where it can and does.

So do your due diligence about leftover amalgam in your teeth, take the supplements we advise and any others you need, find a dose of chelator that you can tolerate, and resign yourself to setting your alarms and plugging away at this thing for several years. That is what it takes. Little by little you will improve. Keep a log. Keep notes.

Have faith that you have discovered the right way to go. You have. Be careful about bright and shiny new methods. Oh, okay, go and try them if you want, but don’t stop chelating with this method. And, for God’s sake, pass everything by our “do not do” list before you try it. Don’t wind up a quivering mass of biochemical wreckage!


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