To figure out what year I started to write the Detox Manual with Andy I went back to an old Facebook Messenger thread. It starts in 2015 and is awfully interesting to read. He had already agreed to mentor me, “because of all those poor sick people out there, “was how he put it. It ends suddenly in 2017 when he up an died on us like that. I sure miss him.

One conversation we had was about a subject that really interested him. It was how people’s physical appearance has changed over time. He wanted to write a book about it.

We got on the subject when I mentioned some photos of my ancestors, none of whom were overweight. “Yeah, I’ve talked to friends about that,” he said. “It’s the people who are about our age and below who are fat. None of the older people were. It was really rare.

“Also, the characteristic facial features changed. Instead of a broad flat large mandible we now have a pointed thinner one that makes the lower part of our face stick out a lot more than it used to. Like snouts,” he said. We are getting ‘snouty.’ “It's really distinctive and you intuitively can see it is different, but it takes a while to be able to put your finger on it. You can look at pictures of past and present presidents and see it. For instance, compare Woodrow Wilson and Warren Harding to Obama, Dubya, Clinton or Bush 1.”

I brought up Weston Price and how he thought all these physical changes were due to diet.

“Yes,” he replied. “But without regard to his theory of causality, he made an observation, and you can see it in pictures of old versus modern people. It might be food. It might be hormone mimics.”

“I don’t think there were too many hormone mimics in the thirties when he wrote, were there?” I asked.

“No, “he answered. “But some. And lots of mercury. Vast quantities more lead and a lot more mercury than now. And arsenic. And those came with civilization.”

Do you think this stuff will ever come out?” I asked. I was thinking about how many people are sick and crazy because they have been poisoned.

“As in do I think society will behave sanely? I don't know. All physicians are necessarily insane if they don't figure it out. There are certainly many historical times where pathological nonsense lasted a thousand years or more. But if anything is going to work it will be helping people get better so they can witness to it.”

“I feel kind of alienated from society,” I said.

"I feel kind of alienated from society." He replied. “Get used to it. It comes with the territory here. I think most people don't have the right background and personality to be able to do this,” he added. “They'd just be consumed with psychotic anger.”

Recently, when my Buddhist meditation group informed me that to meet in person, I would need to upload a copy of my certificate for that “procedure that must not be named,” I wrote them a letter and said that. “I feel alienated.” Nobody seemed to care very much.

I guess I have felt alienated, like a Martian in a strange land, right from the very beginning with this odd toxicity that affects you so psychologically. And then getting injured iatrogenically makes for alienation, too. “So, get used to it. It comes with the territory,” was Andy’s advice. And that is my advice to all of you out there, too. Here you are. Presumably you have a bunch of weird-ass symptoms and have now figured out why. Welcome to the world of recovering and being whole and well again! But welcome, too, to the world of feeling like a Martian. “Alienated from society.” It just goes with the territory.

Please like and share and do all those good things. Get the word out so the psychotic nonsense doesn’t last for a thousand years or more. Let’s recruit some people into our little world of aliens.


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