Georgia in Her Own Words

This is Georgia’s story in her own words. Georgia is in her twenties and lives in Australia. I first met her two years ago when she called me on the phone. She had been a fishmonger for seven years and eaten “pounds and pounds” of fish. She was really sick and in a whole lot of fear. During the call, I could hear her poor mother sobbing in the background. Fortunately, she is better than that now and is plugging away at chelating to the best of her ability. She didn’t feel ready to do a video interview, but she sent me this to read out loud.

Georgia’s story is different from the ones we usually hear as she got poisoned quite fast, mostly from fish. For a really interesting book about this kind of poisoning, check out Diagnosis Mercury, by Dr. Jane Hightower, MD.

Here is Georgia's story:

"I hope my story can help save other people from a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering.

I want to write up my experience for a few reasons. One being that I want to help and warn other people what can happen to you when you take random detox powders or the wrong chelators, and what can happen if you take the correct chelators improperly.

I want to stress and emphasize that improper binders and even correct chelators are medications that can be extremely dangerous if you use them incorrectly. They should be treated with the highest reverence and respect. This is serious stuff! You are dealing with chemistry and moving one of the most toxic elements on the planet through your system, out of your brain and your cells.

Another reason I am writing this is for myself. What happened to me was so awful and horrific that I want I to remember. I want to remember because every day people are out there not knowing why they are so sick. They are using improper and dangerous detox protocols and they're unknowingly damaging themselves, just like I did. What happened to me was real, and it should never have happened. Naturopaths, scientists, functional medicine doctors and the medical industry in general are letting people down by ignorantly allowing the wrong information to be presented to the public about how to chelate and detox. Moreover, there isn't enough correct information about it made available.

Through my awful experience, thankfully, I was able to find Dr. Andy Cutler. But it was only after detoxing wrong that I found the correct scientific information. Finally, it made sense why I got so sick from detoxing improperly and doing a challenge test. It was because I had a high body burden of mercury, and improper chelation was ripping mercury atoms out of one cell and putting them right into another in a more sensitive area.

Here is how it all began. Here's some background information:

I became housebound, lost the ability to drive a car, to finish my university degree and was unable to work. The symptoms that I started out with were:

-feeling unbalanced

-severe brain fog

-difficulty focusing my eyes

-severe reactive hypoglycemia (I had to eat meat every two hours.)

-feeling faint and weak

-severe light sensitivity

-sore eyes

-head pressure

-memory decline

-drunk like feeling

-cognitive decline

-body pains (like my cells hurt)

It all started suddenly on March 14th, 2020. I was sitting in class at university when a dizzy spell hit me. The room began to turn and spin. A fuzzy drunk like state came over me. I lost my balance. My brain turned to mush. I felt sick and nauseous. I felt faint.

After that, these symptoms never left, even when the dizzy spell subsided.

Prior to March 14th, 2020, these symptoms had begun to creep in slowly like a fog. Occasionally I would get dizzy spells even a year or two prior to that time, but I was able to push through. I felt unwell but I kept ignoring the symptoms. But then it hit. My bucket was filled up. I became sick.

I had:

over 40 blood tests,

an MRI,


a CT scan,


a colonoscopy,

2 endoscopies.

I went to see:

a neurologist,

a cardiologist,

a psychiatrist,

an immunologist,

vertigo specialists,

multiple general practitioners,

2 trips to the gastroenterologist,

A chiropractor,

A physiotherapist,

and a naturopath.

And I wasn't getting better. No answers. About a year into being sick I began seeing a naturopath who focused mostly on gut health. At this point I thought it was my gut which was causing the drunk like state I was permanently in.

After doing all the gut protocols and having my microbiome test look much better on paper, he was out of ideas. Even with all these protocols trying to fix my gut and other things that doctors had tried there was no change in my symptoms. I didn't feel better, I didn't feel any worse.

Then the real story began.

This naturopath ordered me a hair analysis test for heavy metals. At this point I was feeling very emotionally flat. I didn't think much of this new direction, and I was beginning to think, “I am never going to make it out of this.” Hope was fading.

But I did the hair test and we got a phone call from the naturopath. He said the hair test showed mercury at 3.073 ppm. (According to Andy Cutler, not all toxic people have a high mercury bar on a hair test, but in my case, I did).

The naturopath told us that this is a significant result, and he would be sending me supplements to detox. Mum and I looked at each-other and I was so happy. “I have finally found out what is wrong,” I thought. “This is it! I'm going to get better!”

The supplements that arrived were Matric Phase detox powder and modified citrus pectin powder. He also suggested I take some supplements like magnesium and zinc.

I began taking these powders at the beginning of September 2021. I didn't ask any more questions than necessary; I didn't get any data or explanation or basic scientific information on how this was going to detox me. I just trusted the naturopath. I began taking the powders as directed.

A month or so later it all began! I would be sitting down then suddenly, BAM! The room would begin turning and spinning. I would grab the closest thing to me and stagger to my bed and lie down. The room would feel like it was turning on its side. An intense panic would come over me, a sense of anxiety and doom I had never felt before. I would focus on my breathing and my mum would come and hold my hand and look down at me worryingly. What the hell is going on? I began to feel a weird sensation in my head, in my brain: a pulling tingling feeling. All I could do was lay in bed and try not to think I was dying. These episodes would last for hours, then afterwards I would feel worse for a few days to a week.

The crashes began to get worse. I began to feel this weird inner vibration inside my body, a fuzzy electrical feeling in my teeth, a sense of doom I had never felt before.

My mum said multiple times, "I have a bad feeling about these detox powders. I don't want you to take them anymore."

But in my head, I thought I had to keep taking them to get better. This was the only way. I couldn't find any more information about detoxing online and the naturopath said he checked with a functional doctor and these powders were correct. So, I trusted them.

The Matric phase detox powder contained 21 ingredients.

Of these 21 ingredients the ones of the most interest as found out later were:

(This is per sone teaspoon serving)

-Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 100mg

-Alpha Lipoic Acid 25mg

-Chlorella 100mg

-coriander/cilantro 50mg

I began getting much worse. The crashes were more frequent and horrific, and I had to stop the powder, about 11 weeks after I started it. Even though I wanted to "keep going" I just couldn't. It was clear to me that something was very, very wrong.

I went to a different functional doctor, and I told him what had happened. He didn't have much to say other than that I should do a challenge test and then we would know for sure how high my body burden of mercury actually was. (Absolutely wrong information as it turned out, but I didn't know this as the time. Taking a massive dose like that just mobilizes huge amounts of mercury as though your body is turned into a shaken-up snow globe.)

By December 2021 I had been able to get back to the baseline level of sickness that I was at before the detox herbs. The new doctor prescribed me DMSA 1,500 mg for a challenge test. I was supposed to take the medication and then pee into a container for the next 4 hours.

I did this challenge test around the 17th of December, 2021. Everything was okay until about 4-5 days later. I got hit, with the most extreme drunk like disabling brain fog. I stumbled to my bed and laid there trying to just breathe. It felt like the ground was going up and down. My mum was sitting by my bed holding my hand "what is going on !?!" we were both saying.

For about 9 days I was completely bed ridden. My mum had to bring me food and water. She had to help me up to eat. She was crying, I was crying. I couldn't go for a shower as I felt like I couldn't walk properly. I couldn't stand. When I took a step it felt as though the ground was rising up with my foot. The weird fuzzy feeling I got with the herbs increased. I looked at the ground and it literally looked like it was moving up and down. I could feel tingles inside my brain, as if wind was touching my open brain. I felt panic, anxiety and fear. Sounds and noises made me jump as though the sound was entering right into my body. I felt so ill all I could do was lie there. When I looked around, especially outside, it looked like I was awake in a dream. Everything didn't look quite real. I was in pain, my whole body hurt. Colours looked funny. I felt too sick to even try and watch a movie. I felt an internal vibration in my body. I felt a fuzzy feeling in my teeth. As I lay there it felt like I was falling. This lasted about 9 days before I even started to come out of it. These 9 days felt like they lasted a month. It was about the 6-7 day in that the symptoms were at their most intense. I was getting ready to die. I was mentally preparing myself to say goodbye. I was kicking myself mentally for what this had done to my mum, seeing her having to watch me get this sick. I was playing back memories and experiences in my head, trying to experience the good times one last time and in my heart saying goodbye to everything and everyone I loved. I really thought it was the end. It was over. But by the 9th day, I was able to sit up for a bit longer. I tried to stand. I could walk to the bathroom without holding onto the walls for support. Slowly, slowly, slowly I was coming out of this crash. I then spent my entire days researching about what had happened to me. I found Andy Cutler chelation from reading comments under videos about detoxing and mercury. It was really by a fluke.

It turned out that improper chelation is rampant, and it has hurt a lot of other people too. Everything Andy said about improper chelation and challenge tests were 100% correct. I know because I lived it.

I wasn't alone. All this time I had felt so alone. I felt as though I was the only one who had this illness, that there wasn't information and help anywhere. But that wasn't the case.

On about the 12th day I messaged Rebecca from Maybeitsmercury for an emergency zoom call. I told her what had happened. She gave me advice and I began researching ACC thoroughly. I wish I had known about ACC before I touched any detox protocol. I am currently in a very, very long, horrible dump phase and I believe my chelation journey has been made harder due to improper chelation.

From learning about ACC, a lot of things began to make sense: I used to drink Chlorella every single day when I was a teenager because I thought it was good for me. I had no clue it was a weak and dangerous heavy metal binder. When I did the herbs my liver enzymes shot up from 31 to 90 for the ALT, and when I did the challenge test my ALK Phos shot up from 20 to 50. Clearly both of those things were bad for me.

So let this little story be a cautionary tale. I truly believe that naturopaths, and functional doctors, and MDs are not qualified to hand out molecules that move heavy metals around. I often see people giving these types of detox protocols good reviews and people saying they did them with no side effects. In my opinion, I think there is a loga period for the side effects. When I started dealing with this, I was so sick that it took a month for the adverse effects to show up. Also I think the higher the body burden of metals the more clear the side effects are. While a lot of the time with the general public they cannot clearly link these powders and herbs to side effects and symptoms. So the damage continues without their knowledge.

Chemistry and pharmacokinetics are extremely complex and huge areas of expertise. Don't f@*k with chemicals is what I've learnt from all this. I don't trust anyone just because they have a title, and neither should you! Be smart. Read a lot. If it doesn't make sense don't do it. Read more! Read, read and read!

Thank God for Dr. Andy Cutler and thank you Rebecca. And thank you mum! You held my hand the whole way through this and thank you to my dog Wally, always by my side. Thankyou!

Georgia "

Well that is what Georgia has to say in her own words. Please comment, like and share this video.

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