How to Keep Your Life Together

My name is Rebecca Lee and I cowrote this book, The Mercury Detoxification Manual with Andy Cutler Phd who should have got a Nobel Prize for what he figured out. The information in this book can get you out of a lifetime of chronic illness and suffering. So, if you have been “wandering around in the wilderness” without getting any better, you owe it to yourself and everybody who loves you, to take a look at this information.

In my last video I talked about the two sections in Amalgam Illness, “Day to Day Practicality,” and, “ How to Keep your Life Together During Treatment.” I think I didn’t give enough emphasis to that last section. I was a bit out of it because I think I got Covid. I am still coughing from the damn thing, but "How to Keep Your Life Together," has some serious important points.

Some people think that chelating is going to make them a whole lot worse. Not really. You are already dealing with all the things it can cause or you wouldn’t be here listening to me. So the advice in “How to Keep you Life Together, “is good advice for you at any stage of this game. Yes, you are going to be moving mercury around and you may feel worse before you start feeling better. But your health situation is probably already a lot of ups and downs. If you start chelating, you will gradually start having more up days than down. And remember, with this protocol, you control what level you chelate at.

Nevertheless, plan and expect detoxing mercury (or whatever other metals you have got) to take a long time with a lot of frustration and delays. Detoxing is not linear. I mean it is linear in that you are on a straight path to getting well. But there are all kinds of twists and turns along the way. Sometimes you will feel way better and sometimes you will feel horrible. But you are probably experiencing that already. At least with detoxing, you start having more and more good days and fewer and fewer bad ones.

There will be long periods of time when you just won’t be able to get much done. I’m pretty sure you are already dealing with that! At least now you are pointed in the right direction and every round puts you a little bit ahead. But be realistic. You don’t have as much time in your day as a person who is not sick. Don’t take on anything new. Do the absolute essential and ignore the rest. Accept the fact that you have been poisoned and it is going to take a while to get your health back.

Keep a to-do list. Cross things off when you get them done, then start a new list. If you can’t make up your mind what to do next, flip a coin. If you are not sure if you need to do something err on the side of not doing it! Keep logs. Keep diaries. These are really really helpful when you are looking back and trying to figure things out. They are also useful to keep track of symptoms that have disappeared. People forget bad stuff really fast, and in this game, you need all the positive reinforcement and encouragement you can get!

Andy liked those big desk calendars although nowadays I guess most people do stuff on their phone. But write everything down. All of your appointments and so forth. Otherwise, you will forget and get screwed up. I still have to write everything down.

Get your friends and family to help you. Ask them to read the list of symptoms over and over again. That way they will start to understand what you are dealing with. Get them to help you with deadlines and tasks. Simplify your life as best you can. Avoid stress. Arrange your finances so they are easy. I put all my bills on automatic payment.

Every time you get something important done, do something nice for yourself. (I particularly like that piece of advice.)

One piece of advice Andy gives here is really important. Be particularly aware of emotional symptoms in order to “circumvent them intellectually” when they start to get out of control. “You are poisoned,” he tells us. “You are not CRAZY. Sometimes you might ACT crazy until the mercury is gone.” And when it is gone, you might need time to cope with all the emotional baggage it left behind. “Chronic illness is like a war being fought inside your body. After the soldiers are gone, it takes a lifetime to clean things up and they may never be perfectly right again.” When you do get detoxed, you may still need to do talk therapy to sort out all the habits that got set in place while you were sick.

This is what Andy has to say about doctors. “Get a new attitude towards physicians- they are body mechanics, not godlike beings. No single one of them knows enough to get you well.” Don’t experiment excessively with diet and supplements and don’t let your doctor do that either. If they do testing and dosing adjustment on one thing more than three time just lay down the law and tell them what YOU are going to do. You can’t get things adjusted perfectly as things change all the time. You are trying to find things that will help you feel better as you move ahead with chelation. You are not trying to solve all your problems with diet and supplements. Diet and supplements aren’t able to do that because you have mercury poisoning. Don’t think you have to find a doctor who thinks he knows exactly what to do, either. there is no such beast. Don’t bother with doctors who don’t want to help, even if that is their job.

Ultimately what is set in stone, is your chelation schedule. You find out a good level of chelator for you and you stick with that relentlessly and implacably for a long time. Your goal is to churn out as many rounds as you can in a year. How high a dose you take is not as important as how many rounds you can get in. It is important to follow the half-life schedule of the chelators and the minimum number of hours for a round. That you must do religiously and without deviation. If you forget a supplement once in a while it is not going to set you back inordinately, but when you screw up a chelation round, you will feel it.

Don’t procrastinate! Procrastination is a big mercury symptom. Get going and chelate! No, it is not going to make you a whole lot worse than you are already. What is great is you set the level you want to chelate at yourself. You have got this! You already have loads of experience dealing with mercury crap. Now you have a path out of all this mess. The path is up and down, backwards and sideways, but nevertheless, the main direction is forward. Forward away from being chronically ill and as Mad as a Hatter.


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