I Explain What I Have Been Writing About.

I sometimes wonder if all the people I am reaching know what the hell I am talking about. To that end, here is an article that sums things up.

Mercury is one of the most poisonous substances you may run across in your entire life. It evaporates at room temperature and the vapor will pass through all your defenses straight in to your brain and other sensitive organs. Standing around just looking at it is enough to get poisoned.

Once inside the organs, the body transforms it into a water-soluble version of itself and it gets stuck. It does not come out on its own. The half-life of mercury in the brain, for instance, is half a lifetime. The only way to get rid of it is through chelation. Chelation is a specific term used in chemistry. Medically, it refers to the process of using certain molecules to remove metals from the body.

Most poisons harm the body in just one way. Mercury is unique in that it causes hundreds of different symptoms. These range from anxiety and depression to outright psychosis; from aches and pains to fibromyalgia; from gut dysbiosis to autoimmune disease. If your illness is idiopathic, or of unknown cause, it may very well be mercury. This same poison will manifest totally differently in different people.

How it affects an individual depends on how susceptible they are, how badly they got exposed, and where it wound up in their body.

Exposure to mercury is often iatrogenic (which means caused by the medical system) so the subject is controversial. It is hardly ever tested for. If the problem does get discovered, then the question arises: how do you treat it?

The danger of improper mercury detoxification is redistribution. When a chelator starts to dissipate in the blood and drops the mercury ion, the mercury will redistribute to someplace new.

There are also products, like chlorella, that just stir it up without getting any out of your body at all.

Some practitioners will get all excited when a test shows a lot of mercury coming out in the urine. But it doesn’t matter how much mercury you get out of your body if you move more of it from some place harmless into your brain or other organs by mistake.

The only method that detoxes mercury properly is frequent, low dose, oral chelation or the Andy Cutler protocol. This is a method that is designed to keep the blood levels of chelator steady. There are hardly any doctors who know how to do this and the internet is full of misinformation.

Andy Cutler was a PhD chemist who got toxic from his dental work. He had exactly the right background (in kinetics) to figure out a protocol for chelating mercury. He reasoned that in order to avoid redistribution, real metal chelators must be used, and these needed to be dosed on their half-life in order to keep blood concentration steady. The chelators needed to be taken a minimum number of days so that the net mercury excreted would be more than the amount redistributed at the end of a chelation “round.”

The Andy Cutler protocol uses three different chelators: DMSA, DMPS and alpha lipoic acid. DMSA and DMPS chelate extracellular mercury and are prescription drugs. Alpha lipoic acid is sold as an over-the-counter antioxidant, but is actually a potent, fat soluble chelator. It can cross cell walls and the blood-brain barrier to detoxify your cells, organs and brain. It is possible to detox mercury by only using alpha lipoic acid as long as it is used properly, according to the AC protocol.

About four years ago, Andy asked me to help him write a book.

We decided to write a manual to help “all those poor sick people out there,” as he put it. Andy’s previous books, Amalgam Illness and Hair Test Interpretation are very technical and hard to read. The new book is called The Mercury Detoxification Manual and it is written with the cognitively impaired person in mind. It is well organized and easy to follow and has the information you need to recover from chronic mercury poisoning all by yourself. It also explains how to detox other toxic elements, such as lead.


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