In One Ear and Out the Other

In a video recently, I talked about an interview, sponsored by a company called Euromedica, with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. I really liked his talk and even ordered some of his special Red Ginseng Energy Formula, “featuring JRG80 7X more powerful” and “rare noble ginsenosides.” It is supposed to be quite the adaptogen! So far, I feel kind of perky, but with this kind of thing, it is hard to tell until you have tried it for a bit. And even then! Keep a diary!

One of my readers complained that she does not like Dr. Teitelbaum because he claims he can cure fibromyalgia and he can’t. And furthermore, she said, people do recover using the Andy Cutler protocol. Yes, they do. I guess Dr. Ts ideas didn’t work for her, but I didn’t talk about him because I thought his ideas could cure anything. If there is one thing we have figured out working with so many thousands of mercury toxic people, it’s that this affliction is really mercurial. All we can do when someone has a symptom, is give them a few things that they can try and then they must figure out for themselves what is going to work for them. Something that may make one person leap out the door and mow the lawn, may put the next person to bed for two weeks. I am just happy when I hear some suggestions that sound good and aren’t harmful, and that we can add to our toolbox, so to speak. In the long run, none of these things is going to get rid of the underlying, causative problem because that is mercury. The only way to get rid of mercury is to chelate, and chelate properly. Everything else is symptom control!

And Dr. T gives bad advice about lipoic acid. So as with many people who are right about some things and wrong about others, you should take what is useful, and let the rest go in one ear and out the other.

That is my final word on Dr. Teitelbaum. I think he is a “real doctor.” The real doctor that Andy Cutler was always urging us to look for. Unfortunately, he gives terrible advice about lipoic acid. But that’s all right. Just ignore that part and pay attention to the excellent advice that he does give. And this will be true for all your relationships with medical doctors. Or any kind of doctor, actually. And dentists. Don’t place all your faith in them. Take control of your own health! Use them for what they are good and expert at. Let the rest of it go in one ear and out the other. And keep a diary! You will be glad you did.


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