It's a Straight Shot

I have been out of commission for a while due to the screen on my computer going on the blink. Thank you to all the tech savvy people out there in my universe who advised me what to do! I now have a brand new, refurbished MacBook Air and I like it very much. I also have set up a little video studio in the basement of my place. It has two black umbrellas that hold light bulbs and hopefully make me look more professional. They are CFL bulbs and you can be sure I handle them with great care.

A while back I wrote a piece about why people don’t detox. Or why they don’t stick with detoxing. I mentioned my favorite Indian saint, Shirdi Sai Baba. He was talking about spiritual undertakings, but it holds true for this, too: Faith and Patience. Both endeavors take a long time and you have to show up and apply yourself relentlessly. You have to show up and follow through.

I know that some people have sudden breakthroughs like Saul on the Road to Damascus, but events like that are rare and will make me worry that I am looking a bipolar person having a good day rather than an actual case of sudden, dramatic progress. (Yes, mercury causes bipolar disorder.)

No, this is a slow and incremental process. You can’t move mercury very fast or you will have more of it racketing around than your body can get rid of and you will hurt yourself. You have to get a little out, give your body time to rest and readjust, and then move a little more. You are looking at a year or two, minimum, of doing this. This is why Andy counseled that you need to find a strategy that allows you to make this your new way of life for a while. You have to make it a background activity for whatever else you need to do to live a normal life. Changes are slow and easy to miss. Keep a diary.

Don’t go running after the shiny new thing! Forget about practitioners who promise fast results. There are no fast results. At best such people may be able to help you manage some of the symptoms that mercury is troubling you with.

In the category of faith, some people are afraid to start. Perhaps they have a whole bunch of health problems and have managed to beat them into some kind of submission and get them under control and they don’t want to rock the boat. Believe me, this is a shaky equilibrium! This thing is progressive, the prognosis is bad, and it gets worse as you age.

I particularly sympathize with parents of toxic children. I understand what it means when you have finally got the chaos under some control. I understand how you may be terrified to throw your routines out of kilter. But again, this is a shaky equilibrium. Detox your child! To get them on a firm foundation that is what you need to do. You are not going to be around to take care of them forever.

Don't be scared! Jump in! You have nothing to lose but a whole lot of terrible symptoms. Once you have got past the first few rounds and have figured out your starting dose of chelators and what supplements you need, it becomes a routine. You do the same exact thing every day, over and over again, until, as Andy put it, “you are all better.”

Please share this. Wouldn’t it be nice if the parents of some of this multitude of affected kids found out about us.


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