Lead Safe Mama and Andy Cutler

I very often send people to LSM (Tamara Rubin) s website, when their kids particularly show high lead on a hair test. You can’t start treating for any heavy metal when there is ongoing exposure. I also found her movie very interesting. I am particularly grateful to have seen the video of her lead toxic son. After seeing that, I am more aware of what lead toxicity looks like in a child.

At the movie, I approached her husband and introduced myself. I wanted to tell them about our chelation protocol that would help their son but I was met with polite disinterest so I never pursued anything.

But then we got subjected to the following blog post.

I had an exchange with Andy Cutler (maybe a year or so before he died), during which he clearly demonstrated his fairly fundamental lack of understanding about lead poisoning, blood lead levels, the impacts of lead exposure on children, sources of lead exposure and more.

He had advised a parent in a way that shared incorrect and even blatantly false information — and if the parent had followed his advice, her child would likely have had serious long-term acute lead exposure as a result. His information about lead was not at all science-based and, in fact, was completely contradictory to the well-studied [including some genuine forward-thinking, progressive/innovative – yet scientific/evidence–based] understanding of the issue by the current body of top scientists working with childhood lead poisoning today.

I resolved to write a blog post about this – and was going to – but then he passed away, and my day-to-day work focused my attention on other matters.

I am aware that some parents have reported benefits from his work, but where Lead was concerned, his advice demonstrated complete ignorance and was well, frankly, simply fraudulent – amounting to the spreading of dangerous unsupportable opinions and misinformation — that may very well have led to the prolonged Lead-poisoning (prolonged exposure to a specific and significant source of Lead) for possibly hundreds of children (if not more).

Again – I will write more about this when I have time.

Well, that brought me to a screeching halt! I’ll add here that Ms. Rubin never did get around to telling us what terrible things Andy had said. Andy was a PhD chemist with a Mensa Society IQ. Whatever he told her was probably right, but looks like we will have to wait a bit to hear the sequel to her overheated remarks.

Tamara is right that lead is a big problem in the US. There is a lot of lead out there in the environment and a lot of kids and adults, too, are getting poisoned with it. And it particularly causes behavioral problems in children. I think that a big percentage of people in jail probably suffer from it.

Where we differ is that Tamara, and all the medical establishment for that matter, think that lead poisoning causes permanent damage. Once your child has it you just have to accept they have brain damage and nothing can be done other than behavioral therapies. The doctors don’t even believe in mercury poisoning.

Lead, like mercury, doesn’t damage the same way as a traumatic brain injury or a cancerous tumor. Instead, it interferes with dynamic chemical processes in the body. It gets in there and stops the biochemistry from working properly. Get it out and the body will start working properly again. I don’t understand why the parents of these poor, toxic children believe what the medical establishment has to say.

The doctors are wrong about so many things, why do you accept their belief that your children are permanently damaged. Half the time it was these same doctors who injured them in the first place! Chelate them and see what happens. Read the books that Andy wrote. Check the studies that he used to develop his protocols. Read testimonials from people who have recovered and have recovered their kids. Here is a link where we have accumulating testimonials.

Everywhere I go I see poisoned children. I see little wan faces staring listlessly from strollers all about. I see children who can’t sit still or concentrate. I see teenagers and young adults who can’t hold jobs and can’t make eye contact. But what really gets to me is the parents who understand what happened and are out there protesting and advocating for change but think there is nothing to be done to recover their children.

Don’t just accept that your children are injured. Don’t be a victim! Chelate them and get them better.


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