Looking in the Wrong Places

My last couple of videos were about finding “a real doctor” and about Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum who I like a lot. But, I ask, how come he doesn’t know about Andy Cutler’s work on mercury toxicity and about the proper use of alpha lipoic acid in particular? Alpha lipoic acid chelates mercury and using it wrong moves mercury around and can make you worse. A lot worse!

Chronic mercury is a politically fraught topic. As an example of how this plays out, consider Boyd Hayley who is a chemistry PhD at the University of Arkansas. He discovered that mercury is implicated in Alzheimer’s disease. He said he thought when he announced this, a truck loaded with money from NIH was going to back up to his research lab’s loading dock but instead his funding got cut. Nobody wants to research mercury. It brings to mind the old Nasruddin Hoja story where Hoja is under a streetlamp on his hands and knees looking for his keys. His friend starts helping him until Hoja admits that he lost his keys in the house. “So why are you looking for them out here?” his friend asks. The answer is, “because there is more light here.” This brings to my mind all the genetic research that is getting done on autism.

Some people call the pharma, hospital, medical and university system “the cathedral.” I guess it reminds them of the Catholic Church back in its heyday when it ran everything in Europe and had that nasty Inquisition. (Thank goodness they don’t burn witches at the stake anymore.) I keep asking, how come people don’t SEE this? But when you are wrapped up in the cathedral, there is not much chance of seeing outside the paradigm. There is a massive inertia. Let me give a few anecdotes.

My chiropractor told me that one of his patients had such bad liver problems that the Mayo Clinic or some such place told her she was going to die. He did something that helped and she recovered. “What struck me, what really got me,” he told me, “Is that not one of her doctors was interested in what she had done.”

He has been my chiropractor for 30 years. I first met him when I got diagnosed with hep C. He did some of his chiropractic, nutritional magic on me and when I went back to the liver specialist, he looked at my test results and said, “Perhaps this thing is going to resolve on its own.” Same thing, he did NOT ask me what I had done. (To prove that I am not biased [not totally anyway], It did NOT resolve on its own and I wound up 30 years later, on Andy’s advice, taking the $85,000 dollar drug that killed the virus. I was lucky to be able to get it. My advice is don’t have too many opinions and use whatever works.)

Andy cutler thought that 30 to 50% of the States is poisoned with mercury. This massive, society wide poisoning is missed because we live in a paradigm that doesn’t want to look at it. Consider the fish industry. If people really took the fish mercury warnings seriously, fishing would probably be put out of business. The book, “Diagnosis Mercury, “ by Dr. Jane Hightower is about that. I learned a lot about the historic use of medical mercury from this book. Dr Hightower is probably a “real doctor” too. She doesn’t know anything about chelation, though.

Second is the dental profession. They have been implanting mercury in people’s mouths for 150 years and haven’t stopped yet! The worst is it is mainly the poor, the military and Native Americans who are getting hammered by this “crime against humanity,” as Andy called it. I think the strategy now is to phase out amalgam and wait until all the toxic people have died and can’t complain anymore.

Finally, is the use of Thimerosal as a preservative in those “products that must not be named.” Anybody with eyes to see can see what all that has done to our society. 50% of our children have some chronic affliction including serious brain damage and the young adults nowadays are as mad as hatters.

Lead is a society wide toxin, too. Along with actual physical problems, it makes for angry, uncontrolled people who depending on who they are, might do violent crimes like shoot up a room. Mercury makes for batshit, excessively eccentric and neurotic, reclusive, shy and so forth. Not the sort of people who get out there and get heard! Not the kind of people who get heard and believed.

And since it causes this legion of seemingly unrelated symptoms the illness is very confusing. Who is going to listen to or believe an eccentric, excessively shy person with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression? Or whatever combo of the 150 possible symptoms they wound up with. Half the time the doctors are going to take them for crackpot malingerers. The best you can do for them is get them on psych meds and hope they don’t come back too much. And sick as they are, they will to be too debilitated to go out and advocate for recognition, if they have even figured out what’s wrong. “The cathedral,” that denies any of this is real, is pretty hypnotizing and mesmerizing. Most people just wander around in the wilderness and take drugs.

Well, I do my little part here with my videos. I hope you like them. Please like and share and get the word out. Maybe awareness will come about before the lot of us die of old age. And remember, there is a way out. There is a way through. And that is to chelate this crap out of your body and brain.


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