Mercury Causes the Body to Retain Other Metals.

I learned about chronic mercury poisoning from being poisoned myself. As are many, many people from my generation who started getting amalgam dental fillings when they were children and now populate memory care facilities and nursing homes all over the world. I started getting dementia in my late fifties, along with a bunch of other untoward symptoms that came and disappeared and changed all the time.

A chiropractic neurologist first diagnosed what my problem was. He was a charismatic sort of guy, and that quality overcame my usual suspicion of doctors. Of course, how was I to know anything about mercury poisoning or the difficulties and dangers of how to detox? He told me it was okay to take chelators once a day and with amalgam fillings in my mouth. When I did this, I started weeping all day, so I stopped and regrouped.

Thank goodness for the internet! Somehow, I found the Frequent Low Dose Oral Chelation Yahoo group. I read it every day for months. I bought Andy Cutler’s two books, Amalgam Ilnness, and Hair Test interpretation and read them as best I could even though my ability to concentrate had taken a huge hit. My mother had died and left me a small inheritance and I used a big chunk of it to get my amalgam fillings removed and then I started chelating with DMSA and lipoic acid as per Andy Cutler’s instructions. I continued chelating in an implacable sort of way for several years.

I have always had the ability to sense what is true and what is not as far as health advice goes. I never took a chemistry class in my life, but I sensed that Andy Cutler was right about what he was telling me to do, and I kept at chelation for several years, never ever even missing a week. Right away people started to tell me I was “aging backwards,” and over the years that I followed Andy’s protocol, everything about me got better. Mercury is a very strange toxin and influences people’s personalities in ways they can’t even perceive until they get it out.

People on the autism spectrum worry that chelating will make them lose something about themselves that they hold dear. Some important part of who they are. Well, I stopped getting dementia, so I am happy about that. And I don’t suffer from chronic anxiety anymore. Or depression. But I am still eccentric, I tell them, and that seems to reassure them.

When I started on this journey, I was sluggish and overweight, running a dysfunctional business, married to a high functioning alcoholic, and was chronically exhausted, anxious, and depressed. Now I am 75, 20 pounds lighter and married to a man who is not even 50 yet. We live in a guest house he built in a village in Portland Parish, Jamaica. Sometimes we go out dancing, and at one party we went to, he told me that if he told the guys at the bar that I was 75 years old we would get free drinks for the rest of the night! So that is a humongous change in actual reality that has happened to me. And yes, I attribute that to following the AC protocol and getting mercury out of my system.

One of the things we say in the Detox Manual is that mercury interferes in a profound, biochemical way with our ability to be happy. I won’t claim that my life is one huge, non-stop, episode of joy, but with my newly liberated brain, and my meditation practice, things are going well.


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