Rebecca Talks About Alzheimer's

One of the big revelations I had from working with Andy Cutler and reading his books, is that mercury toxicity runs in families. The inability to excrete it very well is genetic. (Although it is not that MTHFR gene. It is something else.) This was an epiphany for me! Now I will sometimes question clients about their families and hear, to no surprise, that their cousin has MS and their niece autism and grandmother dementia and so forth. My family was no exception My mother died with Alzheimer’s disease, my poor brother with dementia in a memory care place where they stuffed him full of downers, my aunt as nutty as a fruit cake in her nineties. My father had Asperger’s and a “familial tremor.”

I was reading over some diaries I had kept and came across something I wrote when my mother was succumbing to the Alzheimer’s disease. She and my father had sold their house in Arlington and bought their way in to a fantastic retirement community run by the Episcopalians. My father died a lot earlier at 84 buy my mom died in her nineties. I think she lived in this place for around ten years, maybe more.

She was very happy there. She had a lot of friends from the Washington DC area, intellectuals and retired diplomats, like my father. My father’s sister, who I mention above, lived there, too.

When my mother moved into this place, at the age of about 84 she was sharp as a tack. She had mouth full of amalgam fillings, but I remember an elderly gent who had come to deal with the piano when they moved saying, “how old is your mother?” and then, when I told him 84, he said, “my she’s spry!”

My mother loved and revered doctors and dentists. She loved the frigging doctor who took care of them at the retirement community. I KNOW he handed out a flu shot every year. I believe with all my heart that mercury is implicated in Alzheimer’s disease. In any case, that’s my story and I am sticking to it.

When her dementia got very severe, she wound up in the nursing home section of her community. My sister, who lives in CA, must have read somewhere that ladies with AZ disease like dolls so she sent one to my brother to take over to my mother.

“I found it kind of alarming,” he told me. “I opened the box and there was this full-sized, really realistic baby. It looked like a stillborn.”

He took it over and showed it to my aunt. To his astonishment, she thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. When they took it to the second floor where my mother resided, all the nurses wanted to look at it and hold it.

Our mother was in and out of consciousness a lot by then. My brother said, that although she was not enthusiastic about the doll, she did not say, “Who left that child here?” It was more a “that’s nice dear” reaction, and then back to sleep.

My daughter once said that AZ disease is really tragic and comical at the same time. She ran a caregiver agency and I used to work for her. Once I had a client at a local nursing home. This lady had had a PhD in mathematic or something but wound up in memory care. I bet she had her share of amalgams. Everybody that age did. She never had much to say until one of her neighbors at the table where they sat, got a doll. Not even a fancy doll. She eyed that other lady’s doll and finally said, in a deep voice, after days and days of silence, “that’s a very nice doll you have there!”

My mother died soon after. And then some years later my brother started “losing his brain,” as he put it. He also died in a memory care facility. He was only in his sixties. When he was younger, he had a job standing around watching buildings getting blown up. He told me the organized crime people would send in the homeless to remove the mercury thermostats and so forth first. Maybe they didn’t do such a good job. He also had had a mouthful of amalgams and got a flu shot every year because he was a hypochondriac.

My daughter confided in me that she thought I was getting early onset dementia at one point. Well now I am not. I think my brain is going to hold up and she does too. That’s what chelating implacably for I can’t even remember how many years will do. I chelated without fail, week after week. I don’t think I even took a break once!

So don’t wait. Chelate! Especially if you are my age. This thing does not get better, it only gets worse. The prognosis is terrible! Don’t wind up without a brain. Get this stuff, which is oxidizing the crap our of your neurons, out of your body.

Thank you for listening. Please like and share and all those good things. We have epidemics of autism and dementia going on in our world. It is all mercury! Mercury from dental work, mercury from light bulbs and tilt switches, mercury from “those products that must not be named.” People should not be doomed to just fade away and die with dementia. Little kids and their poor beleaguered parents should not have to suffer so much. Let’s get the word out.


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