\"Rigid, Cultlike and Inflexible\"

I recently saw a book review about The Detox Manual The author said that although the book is easy to read, and although he learned a lot of good stuff from it, that the ACC support group has grown rigid, inflexible and cult like. Right! Let me talk about this a little bit.

Yes, there is a huge ACC (Andy Cutler Chelation) Facebook support group with 30 or more completely volunteer moderators who have been through this particular kind of poisoning. There is also a set of instructions on the group page for anyone to access for free.

The reason we are rigid and inflexible is because we have seen so many people show up completely messed up from doing random things to detox. When Andy talked about “a quivering mass of biochemical wreckage,” he was not kidding. I have personally seen two people who decided to not go on living because of their awful, intractable symptoms. We are trying to keep people from going there. “Don’t go there!” Don’t do random things to detox!

When I hear the word “detox” bandied about by practitioners of this or that ilk, my hair stands up on end! Plenty of our moderators have been down that” getting their health and psyches ruined” road. And it was twice as hard to get back. They are trying to spare you what they went through. This thing can cause quite acute suffering. If you think you are miserable now, you don’t want to find out how far this can go.

Andy figured out the pharmacokinetics involved in getting mercury out of wherever it may be stored in your body. We all have enormous, undying respect for his accomplishment. He is not our cult leader or our guru. We liked him so much because he was witty and funny, and because he was brilliant and systematic. He put that brilliance to use figuring out this protocol which is a way to get mercury out of your body without making yourself horribly, irreversibly worse! Any “detox” protocol that doesn’t understand the pharmacokinetics of chelators and is prescribing real heavy metal chelators, is an accident waiting to happen. Sadly, we have seen hundreds of these accidents that have happened and that is why we are rigid and inflexible.

I like to think that I am not just preaching to the choir with these videos, so I am going to go over our DO NOT DO LIST for people with heavy metal poisoning. If you are sick, just run whatever your practitioner is doing to help you regain your health past this list. If they are telling to try something we tell you not to do, then DON’T DO IT! Take their advice about anything else but not this!

Here is the basic DO NOT DO list. There are a bunch more things I don’t mention here, like gadolinium and fluoroquinolones and some supplements that most won’t tolerate. There is a lot in the book. Buy the book! There’s a good idea!

Here is the basic list:

1. Do not use any chelators when you still have amalgam fillings.

2. Do not take chelators other than on their half-life as outlined in the ACC protocol.

3. Do not use cilantro to detox.

4. Don’t use anything that chelates that we tell you not to. EDTA and penicillamine come to mind.

5. Don’t use chlorella or any other “detox supplements.”

6. Don’t take alpha lipoic acid in any other way than that which we outline in this protocol.

7. Don’t do any detox IVs. Don’t do glutathione IVs

8. Don’t do challenge tests aka “provoked urine tests.”

9. Don’t do liver flushes

10. Watch out for homeopathic remedies that contain metals.

So that is a pretty good start for the neophyte. Pay attention to this list and stay safe.

Thank you for listening. Please like and share so I can go on and get my fifteen minutes of fame and get rich and famous and the extent to which we have all been poisoned will become as clear as day to the whole world.

I offer coaching if you find all this too complicated and need someone to talk you through how to get going.


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