Royal Mineral Succedaneum

I have been working on this new project, a self-directed, online, mercury detox workshop. In fact, everything you need to know on how to follow the Andy Cutler protocol, but this time in video lessons.

The workshop is going to be in 2 modules. The first one is aimed at people who really don’t know anything about this stuff. Part of the first module is about humankind’s relationship with mercury throughout historY so, mercury in historical context.

There’s loads of material and I have to pick and choose and I mostly chose those stories that I found personally interesting. One place that I went to to get historical information is this book , Diagnosis Mercury, by Dr. Jane Hightower. Dr. Hightower is, or was at the time she wrote the book, an MD practicing in San Francisco. Other doctors would send her their confusing cases to get diagnosed. She recounts that she started seeing a bunch of these confusing cases and finally associated them with the fact that the people were well off, and were eating expensive, high on the food chain fish, several times a week. She started looking in to mercury poisoning and found the subject so interesting and overlooked that she wrote this book.

One dentist she spoke with notably told her, “just be aware that if you continue with this issue, you will soon have no friends,” but she did keep going. So it is from her book, that I get the history of the arrival of mercury amalgam fillings in the States.

It’s a colorful history. I don’t suppose this fact is going to be very comforting to you folks who have had your lives ruined by this stuff, but here goes. Before it was invented, dentists filled cavities with gold until two brothers brought tneir new, cheap, easy to use, invention from Europe. They called it Royal Mineral Succedaneum and in case that makes you think of snake oil this was the original mercury dental amalgam that is still used today. The dental community was divided in to two camps by this development: the pro and the anti-amalgam camp. There was also an ideological war going on between the allopathic MDs and the homeopaths and we know how that ended. Anyway, the allopathic crowd accused the anti amalgam crowd of being unscientific and siding with the homeopaths. The ant-group, for their part, maintained that mercury was horribly poisonous and shouldn’t be used in medicine. They referred to the pro crowd as “quacks” from the German word for mercury, quackselber. The quacks founded the ADA and went on to win the “amalgam wars.” I remember Andy calling the dental profession, “a crime against humanity,” but there it is! This dirty practice of placing mercury in people’s heads has been going on for 150 years now and it hasn’t stopped yet.


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