Silver is Poisonous

In my comings and goings on the internet, I am constantly encountering people recommending SILVER which some claim is a “noble metal which the elite of the world would ingest from their fancy cutlery to protect themselves from disease.” The fact that it is ‘colloidal silver’ is supposed to make it perfectly safe and it is the remedy that the pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about because then you won’t have to buy their nasty, dangerous products!

I am mystified by how emotional people get over this subject. I practically get hate mail and death threats for saying, “Don’t use silver in any form, it is poisonous.” It is. Just take a gander at any hair test and you will see it listed slam bang right there among the toxic elements.

It has become very popular lately because of all this mythology and because it really, really works for killing germs. The reason it is good at killing stuff is because it is a poison. Mercurochrome worked really well, too.

Fortunately, silver is not nearly as toxic as mercury. Once you get a bunch of toxic metals in your body, though, the problems they cause are unfortunately synergistic.

The symptoms that silver cause all by itself are interesting. Andy Cutler writes about them in his book, Hair Test Interpretation, Finding Hidden Toxicities. Silver is famous for causing argyria, which is a condition where the skin turns a bluish color, but not everybody who has silver poisoning will get this. Like lead, silver can cause intellectual impairment, especially in children, although people who are exposed after childhood usually will not have this problem. They may actually be of superior intelligence. Andy Cutler writes that silver-toxic adults tend to be dramatic, emotional and have rapid changes of mood. They are impulsive, rushed and theatrical. They are discontented with their life and rush from place to place looking for immediate results for everything: diets should cause rapid weight-loss, medical treatments should work within minutes.

A big problem with silver is that it accumulates in your body and nobody really knows how to get it out. Andy Cutler said to try using the regular chelators we recommend in the Andy Cutler protocol and hope for the best. At least when you get your mercury burden down the silver won’t be so potent and harmful.

In case you are worrying about your silver ring…in order to poison you, the silver needs to be absorbed. Wearing silver jewelry or using a silver spoon will not hurt you.


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