\"The Great Poisoning,\"Jamaica vs Vermont

"Farm Road" in Jamaica. View from my Verandah

Andy Cutler once told me that he thought 30 to 50% of the population (of the States, I guess, maybe he meant the whole world) has enough mercury in them to cause symptoms… and there are a whole lot of symptoms, over 250. An undiagnosed epidemic of chronic mercury nicely explains what is going on in the health of our nation. We know there has been significant exposure. There is even some kind of event coming up to remember Simpson-wood, and if you don’t know what that is, look it up.

In the 1970s, in my feckless youth, as I like to say, I lived and traveled in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Every now and then I would come back to the States. I would experience a “culture shock.” I would just stand around and look at stuff in a flabbergasted sort of way. Visiting a drug store was like a psychedelic experience with all the colors and packages and products. Of course, after a while of getting used to things it wouldn’t be so astounding, but overall, you need to get out of the fishbowl you live in to see the world with new eyes.

I just got back from six months on the Island of Jamaica where my husband and I have built a guest house. There, I sit up on my verandah and watch the country people come and go about their business. They are healthy, they are vigorous. They bop on by, playing music and sometimes singing to themselves. They have the physiques of frigging Greek gods. They do hard, physical work all day. The little kids are active and curious. Sometimes they have bicycles. Sometimes they have a little wheel on a stick that they push around pretending it is vehicle.

I know that Jamaica has “old age, sickness and death,” and chronic illness, too, but it is not like the States. In Burlington, Vermont, to which I just returned, people look peaked. They look wan and eccentric, which is a big mercury symptom. They are overweight. The children, we are told, are not doing well and I believe it. Walking down to the library yesterday, I saw a lovely child standing in front of the Y. His mother was talking about naps and so forth with a friend. I turned to look at this pretty boy and immediately noticed something wrong with his gaze. He stood there like a poleaxed little zombie. What is going on?

I think that the people here are poisoned. The cohort of kids that got massively poisoned in the 90s by the “product that must not be named” schedule is coming of age now. They are taking over the entry level jobs, and they are starting to look around and change things to suit themselves. It is incredibly irritating because like most young people they are completely un-self-aware. That’s what it looks like to me anyway.

It is not just mercury. We are awash with lots of other kinds of weird molecules, too. Chemicals don’t have to be proven safe before they are unleashed on us. You must prove them unsafe to get rid of them. I am a hell of a lot more worried about all the heavy metals and endocrine disruptors out there than I am about carbon dioxide!

I still think that mercury is the “mother” toxin. Get enough mercury in your body and everything else builds up. And a lot of the things that do that building up are synergistic with mercury, so the result is exponential. Although mercury on its very own is certainly bad enough.

One of my clients who is making good progress chelating and has a “grand affinity for engineering,” said that the ACC method is “standard technology," which he explained means “scientific information that has been proven to work if properly applied by the book. It is what makes ACC so good. You alter the standard tech,” he warned, “and you open the door to failure.” And on that note, my next video, will be, once again, on the Andy Cutler “What Not to Do" list.

The Mercury Detoxification Manual, which I cowrote with Andy Cutler, is a step-by-step explanation of how to get mercury out of your body without injuring yourself. It is easy to get hurt when you are dealing with a toxin as ferocious as mercury. This method is arguably the ONLY way to detox safely.

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