When mercury enters the body, no matter from what source, the first place it winds up is the blood stream. This is true whether it is inhaled from amalgam, consumed in contaminated fish, injected with a vaccine or absorbed through the eyes in contact lens solution.

The blood stream is connected directly to the liver and the liver filters out the mercury, mixes it up with bile and sends it out with the feces. The kidneys also filter the blood and excrete mercury in the urine.

The blood stream is directly connected to the liver and the kidneys, but it is also directly connected to every other tissue and organ in the body. As mercury circulates in the blood, some of it gets dropped off and accumulates in various locations. There are four particular “target locations” which are particularly susceptible to mercury build-up. These are the brain, the liver, the adrenals and the thyroid gland. Mercury binds to cell walls on these organs causing the “deranged mineral transport” that we so often see on hair tests. It also gets inside the cells and does direct damage through oxidization.

When mercury has bound to cell walls, entered the cells or accumulated in organs, it has left the blood and is not available to be excreted by the kidneys or the liver. When it winds up in the brain, liver and endocrine glands it interferes with these organs’ ability to function properly. The liver will not be able to detoxify as well, the adrenal and thyroid glands won’t release the energy production signals as well, and the brain will not be able to regulate emotional, intellectual, endocrine and autonomic functions the way it should. Mercury inside the cells themselves causes the famous “mitochondrial disfunction.”

Even after the blood stream is virtually free of mercury, these target organs will remain poisoned. They will be unable to release their burden back into the blood. When the mercury initially crossed a cell membrane or entered an organ, it was in a form that could pass through fatty barriers. Once it gets to the other side of one of these barriers, it quickly reacts and forms compounds that are not fat soluble anymore. It remains trapped for decades or forever.

This phenomenon is particularly significant in the case of the brain, which is so important and so sensitive. The blood vessels that supply the brain are sheathed in the “blood brain barrier” which is a fatty protective membrane that keeps out toxins. Unfortunately, organic mercury and mercury vapor can pass straight through. Once inside the brain, that mercury can cause dementia or mental illness, Parkinson’s disease, ALS or MS or mess up the endocrine system. Take your pick.

Mainstream toxicologists agree that mercury remains trapped in the brain, and any symptoms you still have a year after an exposure has ceased, will remain with you forever. What they don’t understand is that you can heal your symptoms by getting mercury out of your brain and organs through proper chelation.


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