The Tower of Frigging Babel

During this whole grueling and miserable pandemic experience, some big doctors and big scientists have been experiencing an epiphany. Some of these big people have been “those products that must not be named (PTMNBN)” developers, executives for pharma companies and writers and editors of scientific journals. Up until recently, they had been bopping along in the paradigm with not a thought in the world.

Then we started to hear some of them saying things like, “This current ‘PTMNBN’ is a terrible product. It is different from the other ordinary, wonderful PTMNBNs. Those have a long track record and have saved countless people from infectious diseases and death. Because of this current, bad PTMNBN, those poor credulous mothers out there are going to lose faith and the regular PTMNBN program will be destroyed!”

But lately the big docs and big scientists have gone from saying, “something is wrong!” to “Oh my God, they are poisoning us!”

Good morning, big doctors and scientists! In the mercury poisoned community, we have known that for a while. Some of us got poisoned fifty years ago from our dental work, and have been dealing with the autoimmune diseases, the digestive dysfunction, the psychiatric diagnoses, the chronic pain and fatigue and everything else all this time. We have seen our children brain damaged and their lives destroyed. Some of us have a couple of master’s degrees and a PhD’s worth of time spent reading and studying. All we have got so far from the people in power is crickets or kindly condescension.

Martin Luther King said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” I think that is true but perhaps a cold comfort to the mother whose son got brain damage and must wear a helmet because he beats his head against the wall. Or to the father of the young man whose psychic suffering was so intense he committed suicide.

Energy supposedly builds up and up in an old paradigm until it bursts like a balloon and the world steps into a new reality. Perhaps that is what is happening now. Maybe the whole thing will come crashing down like the Tower of Frigging Babel. But we have been waiting a long time for some justice, and I am not holding my breath.


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