Andy Cutler author of Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment, Hairtest Interpretation, Finding Hidden Toxicities and coauthor (with me) of The Mercury Detoxification Manual, was a brilliant man, a research scientist and chemical engineer with a PhD from Princeton. Because of his work on mercury toxicity, he saw a lot of vaccine injury and had pretty strong opinions about the current CDC vaccine schedule and the harm it is causing. But his opinions are unexpectedly nuanced.

In a post he made online sometime before he died, he commented on the famous chart prepared by Dr. Suzanne Humphries that shows the mortality rates of infectious diseases dropping off way before various vaccines are introduced. “Anti-vaxxers” use this chart to justify their opinion that vaccines never did anything in the first place and all the decline in outbreaks of epidemic diseases has been due to sanitation and antibiotics.

Andy disagreed with that opinion. The mortality rates drop off exponentially over the years, but when the vaccines are introduced, the chart lines stop wiggling and straighten right out. According to him, each wiggle represents a disease outbreak and the vaccines put an end to these outbreaks. The mistake and dishonesty is to predict that if the epidemics return the mortality rates will be consistent with the left hand side of the chart. (The ‘vaccines are the victim of their own success’ argument.) He says there is no doubt that if the vaccines were discontinued that the epidemics would reappear. The mortality rates would not be the high rates shown at the beginning of the chart, however, but the really low rates at the end.

The question is, for any particular child, is the risk from the disease worse than the risk from the vaccine? And the answer to that, if you have eyes to see the vast holocaust of vaccine injuries we are now experiencing, is NO. If the vaccine program was stopped, the epidemics would return along with plenty of morbidity and death, but way less than shown at the beginning of the chart and way less than what the current vaccine program is causing right now.

Andy once speculated that if there were a moratorium on vaccines tomorrow, there would be a lag period before the epidemics returned. He speculated that this would cause all the pediatricians to go bankrupt because right now they make most of their income from vaccinations.

He complained about this urge to “vaccinate everybody for everything all of the time.” He thought that the CDC vaccine schedule is insane and no child should undergo it. But he did have the following to say about herd immunity:

“Herd immunity is a real effect, However it is also criminal collectivism of the sort Hitler, Stalin and Mao thought was an appropriate basis for public policy. There are no circumstances where you should be compelled to do something and put yourself at risk to benefit me.”

The only vaccine he seems to have thought worth considering is tetanus. If you have a child who plays a lot in the dirt in a country where there have been tetanus cases in the last ten years, you might consider a tetanus shot. (Of course you can’t just get a tetanus shot on its own, but that is another issue.)

I once had a scientist tell me, “If I have any God, it is the scientific method.” Andy was a true scientist: a person who was trained to look at data dispassionately and seek to reach the simplest and most logical conclusions. He did not like the vaccination schedule and he referred to modern medicine as “a child sacrificing state religion,” but he does not conclude from this chart that vaccines don’t and never worked.

If we are going to argue our point well, we need to understand what is really going on.


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