“We sure tend to find toxic sweeties,” was how Andy put it. He had concluded that mercury-toxic people tend to find other mercury toxic people to fall in love with. He came to this conclusion by looking at thousands of hair tests.

In The Mercury Detoxification Manual, I write about “mercury archetypes.” I describe a 38-year old man with an advanced degree living in his mother’s basement playing video games and researching conspiracy theories. Women get hit differently. For the women I have your anxiety-ridden mother in law with the tremor dithering around from one crackpot project to another. Of course, as with any thing that has to do with gender, there is overlap from one category to the other.

That poor guy in the basement, who has relationship problems, by the way, is subtly attracted to his counterpart, the super high-strung lady. They try to make a go of it. Good luck, guys. I wish you well.

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