Hi. My name is Rebecca Lee and I cowrote thE book, The Mercury Detoxification Manual, with Andy Cutler, Phd., who should have got a Nobel Prize for what he figured out. Some disgruntled person took exception to this statement by saying blah, blah, blah and misspelled Nobel. Yay! Maybe I am getting an audience and I will get my fifteen minutes of fame! And Youtube took down my last video about my father. Apparently, I am spreading dangerous misinformation. Maybe it was for bad mouthing nose drops. Or maybe I forgot to use the term “those products that must not be named.” Just in case, I have started posting my stuff on Rumble.

I have done a couple of talks about what Andy Cutler was like, but it kind of behooves me here to say something about what he was NOT like. When I first started working with him I wrote an article, I think it was for the Weston A. Price Foundation, and I said something about how he worked selflessly for humanity. He got mad. “You don’t know anything about my business,” is what he told me. Now I occasionally read someone saying similar things like: he only chelated to the point where he felt okay enough to help humanity. I don’t think he would have liked that much either. (I also once wrote that he looked like a person on the way to a Star Trek convention. And he did a bit. Fortunately, he didn’t get mad at that. A trifle bemused, but not angry.)

He never did anything because he wanted to save humanity. He wrote the book, Amalgam Illness because it was a lot of important information which he had worked hard to compile and figure out. He said he needed to “get it out of his head.” I’m not sure if holding it in his head was irksome, or rather that it was because if he died with it in his head, it would be lost. He did die with a lot of it in his head and a lot of information was lost. My life was certainly a lot easier when I could just call him up with a question and get an immediate answer.

He printed up about 100 copies of Amalgam Illness just to see what would happen. He never expected them to sell. He was fully expecting to go back to being a consultant chemical engineer. Being a consultant is tiresome because you must go out and network and promote yourself to get jobs, so when Amalgam Illness actually started to sell, he decided to make a business out of that. Plus, in a mercury toxic, “little professor syndrome” sort of way, I imagine all he really wanted to study was mercury and what to do about it.

Andy did not stop chelating because, finally, he was in good enough shape to go and save humanity. Nope. He chelated until he felt well enough to not bother with chelating anymore. He was able to think and function again, and, as he always told people, the mercury will wait for you to get back to it.

Andy was thiol intolerant so when he used lipoic acid he got a lot of brain fog and he couldn’t think. He would say you need to decide when you are good enough and then get on with your life, and that’s the point he reached. He still had allergies and was still thiol intolerant but otherwise he felt pretty good, so he was getting on with his life. I wish he hadn’t procrastinated because chelating might have headed off his heart disease, and he’d still be with us and there to answer all my questions. Ironically, we left the section on what mercury does to your heart out of the book because he died before he could write it.

If he gave a lot of free advice to people, it was because he enjoyed doing that, not because he was saintly. I think that when you have been sick yourself you kind of enjoy listening to people’s problems and seeing if you can figure things out. I certainly do.

In the Facebook group recently, I wrote that if he had any religion, it was the scientific method. Part of that means not letting your opinions and prejudices get in the way of what data is saying. He was very rigorous in that regard.

Please like and share and all those good things. I am sort of torn between the desire to get rich and famous and recognized and the fear of getting censored, canceled and having my feelings hurt. But at the very least it would be a very good thing for people to learn about and try Andy Cutler’s method.


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