What Andy Was Like

My name is Rebecca Lee and I cowrote the book, The Mercury Detox Manual with Andy Cutler, PhD who should have got a Nobel prize for what he figured out.

He didn’t get a Nobel prize, though, and his work is largely ignored with people saying he is out of date and calling those of us who are into his protocol fanatics. I knew him pretty well because I helped him write the book and we worked together for several years. I also asked him to mentor me as a chelation coach which he consented to do, “because of all those poor sick people out there,” is how he put it.

Andy was not a healer or a medical doctor or anything like that. And he was certainly not much good at marketing! He was a scientist. He had a chemistry PhD.

I stayed with him ten days while we were editing the manuscript for the book. He cooked for me and Joann, his girlfriend, all that time, Weston Price style and all organic. But I was horrified to see him using Teflon which he insisted was not a problem unless you heated it up too high. He had terrifying toxic cleaning products under his sink. He didn’t seem to consider corn syrup anathema like I did. In fact, he drank a whole lot of Dr. Pepper and had a little fridge full of them next to his computer. He had to change his schedule to accommodate my visit because he was used to staying up all night and sleeping during the day. He told me that he had spent three days tidying up, too and the place was still pretty messy. He had a really big belly.

As is often true with mercury toxic men, he had a hard time relating to women. Oh the irony, as mercury tends to make women anxiety ridden nut cases and he had to deal with many of them!

I guess he came off as arrogant to lesser intellects. He knew how smart he was, and he knew how qualified he was. He did not suffer fools gladly and I think a lot of people with more popularity and better at marketing than he, disliked him for that. He hated Doctor Mercola, for instance, because he read some scientifically bullshit article on his website probably once. I once sent him there because of a good article on lead and he refused to look at it just because it was on that website.

He figured out this detox protocol because he got sick himself. He had a scientific, a technical background and he brought rigor to the process of developing the protocol. He regarded medical people with some trepidation, explaining to me that medical schools want applicants with a liberal arts background these days and that people with technical backgrounds are often horrified by MDs lack of technical knowledge. He told me about one MD who told him that in med school the class had voted to skip the section on pharmacokinetics because equations are too hard.

He only chelated for 18 months. Apparently, that was enough to get his intellect back on line. Joann told me that since he was thiol intolerant, that chelating with ALA gave him a lot of brain fog, so when he felt well enough, he stopped. He kept saying he was going to start again but he didn’t. (Procrastination is a big mercury symptom.) And then he died of a heart attack. Ironically, the effect mercury has on the heart is the one section that we left out of the book as he died before he could write it.

I wrote an article once where I called him “an inadvertent arahant.” An arahant is a person with spiritual attainment, something I don’t think he thought about much. But he figured out this protocol that has taken thousands of people out of very terrible suffering. He was a big presence in the support groups, too. He spent a whole lot of time talking to people and giving tips and advice for free, especially parents for their little kids. Some people disliked him in the groups because he could get harsh and sarcastic. He called that “being bombastic,” and explained to me that taking this tone was the only way he could get some people to listen to him. That he did it to stop them from making horrible mistakes that would put them in a place from which they might never recover. He said that in real life he was not like that at all. And I can attest to that because I worked with him. He was not harsh or sarcastic in real life at all.

He consented to mentor me when I asked him, “because of all those poor sick people out there.” I’m sure he considered me, woman that I am, with some trepidation,

So please like and share and all those good things. Let’s do a little networking and marketing because of “all those poor sick people out there.”

And as per marketing, this online workshop into which I put so much energy, is now on sale for 20% off until the 15th. When you buy it, you get a coupon for the book and two months free in my support group so you can ask questions.

I also do one on one coaching so consider hiring me to help you. I am very good at explaining things and will start you off from wherever you are at. I am a whole lot more patient than Andy was, too. He was not very good at holding people’s hands.


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