Where are All the Sick People?

Chronic mercury poisoning causes hundreds of different symptoms and people will get constellations of these depending on how susceptible they are, how badly they got poisoned and where that poison wound up in their body. They will present with symptoms that a doctor in the 1800s would have no trouble identifying as mercury poisoning Doctors nowadays are under the impression that the only way a person can get mercury poisoning is if they are exposed at work. The myth that mercury poisoning is solely an occupational disease has been passed down through generations of professors and medical students. They missed the journal articles that describe adults and children getting poisoned other ways. Doctors of our day, even when faced with significant abnormalities in routine tests, are just not trained to recognize what is going on.

So, if so many people are getting exposed to mercury, and the doctors are missing it, where are all the victims? Here is a paragraph by Andy Cutler, who wrote the book on this stuff. “The simple answer is, they’re piling into doctors’ offices searching for the cause of their distress. And they’re not finding it. Or any relief. They’re the chronically ill people who doctors can’t cure. They’re the people who are “mad as a hatter” and are seeing psychiatrists; the people with MS, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, and myriad other conditions that have a poor prognosis. They’re the people on disability, staying at home because they can’t work. They’re not in the work place where studies are done.”

I will add that they are the children with malfunctioning digestion, epilepsy, diabetes and juvenile arthritis. Those with behavioral disorders and the ones who are in pain, can’t communicate and bang their head against the wall.


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