Georgia, in my online support asked me if I could put together a video to explain heavy metals and the Andy Cutler protocol to a person who knows nothing about anything. She wanted something that she could pass on to a friend, for instance, who has been around several blocks with their health and is ready to hear this information. Something for the person who has arrived at the “ears to hear, and eyes to see,” stage. If they haven’t got that far, there is really no point.

Heavy metal toxicity is an underlying cause. Perhaps you have been “wandering around in the wilderness,” with your health, as I like to say, and have not managed to get any better. You think it is Lyme; you think it is mold; you think that now you have given up gluten you will finally recover. But no, you have an underlying metal problem. Nothing is going to get entirely better until you take care of that.

The most common poisonous element implicated in chronic heavy metal toxicity is mercury. After that comes lead, and after that probably arsenic. We tend to mostly talk about mercury in our discussions because it is the strangest and most harmful of all the metals and it is really, really, common. Although lead poisoning is a huge problem, at least it is recognized by the authorities, whereas mercury isn’t at all. Since we are in the USA, we tend to talk about the USA, population, but people contact us from all over the world. Mercury poisoning is epidemic! And as David Hammond, who wrote this book about it said, it is an UNDIAGNOSED epidemic.

There are a whole bunch of poisons out there in the environment. They all can make you sick in a couple of different ways, but mercury is different from ordinary poisons. Mercury interferes with a vast number of fundamental metabolic processes. It causes hundreds of different symptoms, and any individual may experience some or a great many of these at any time. Get enough of it into your body and you will stop being able to detox anything else, too.

The symptoms mercury causes range from anxiety and depression to psychosis. From tremors to seizures to dire autoimmune diseases like ALS and MS. From acid reflux to leaky gut to multiple chemical sensitivity. From OCD, ADD and ADHD through Asperger’s up to outright nonverbal, banging your head against the wall autism.

Multiple issues that go and come and change all the time can very well be mercury.

Here is a list of things you wouldn’t normally think about which we found to be diagnostic for mercury and which we put in our book.

· You have been told by a doctor to see a therapist when you are obviously physically ill, or you have gotten the diagnosis of “somatization disorder.”

· You have a medical file more than an inch thick.

· You have a cupboard bursting with supplements and medicines.

· You have consulted multiple doctors and practitioners, and you have tried all kinds of different diets and cleanses without much success.

Just look at the non-stop pharmaceutical advertisements for idiopathic, chronic conditions that are on the TV all day. Psychological problems, allergies and asthma, arthritis, digestive issues, and autoimmunity. Those are all things mercury can do to you. So yes, it is epidemic. And it is an undiagnosed epidemic. Regular doctors know very little about it. They are taught in school that the only way to get exposed to mercury is through an industrial accident, and that is an acute poisoning. We are talking about a chronic toxicity that builds up in your body from exposure after exposure over time. It is hard to test for because the body stores it inside the cells and organs. But one thing it often does, is mess with the mineral transport in and out of cells, and it is the footprint of this that we look for on a hair test.

Some people are more susceptible to getting poisoned than others. But anyone will get sick if they get a high enough exposure. And it is easy to get exposed. Maybe your mother had a huge burden from her dental work which she passed on to you when you were in the womb. Maybe, like me, you have a decades long history of going to old-fashioned dentists. Maybe you broke a thermometer as a kid and played with the nifty little silver balls. Maybe you had to break up a bunch of neon tubes to fit them in the trash.

Since it evaporates at room temperature and the vapor is its most readily absorbable form which goes straight into your brain when you breathe it in, standing around just looking at the stuff is enough to get poisoned. Aside from that, it has been used medicinally for centuries, and is still used extensively in dentistry and in “those products that must not be named” as a preservative. If you think it was all removed, and it’s all gone, think again.

Mercury is a huge problem in our society. But as I said, mostly undiagnosed, and since most of the exposures are iatrogenic, or caused by the medical system, it is hugely controversial, and nobody wants to think about it or talk about it.

So perhaps you are a person with some combo of the 250 symptoms this stuff can cause. You have decided to believe in it. The next controversial issue what do you do? How do you get it out of your body and stop it from interfering with your metabolism in its hundreds of different ways and get things working normally again.

Getting mercury out of your body inevitably means that you are going to mobilize it from wherever it is stored, move it around a bit, and then hopefully excrete it. Unfortunately, this is quite hazardous because it is so toxic. You don’t want to move it from some place in your body where it is not bothering you much, to some place where it can do a world of harm, like your brain. Please be careful! We have put together a “Do Not Do list.” It is in the book, The Detox Manual, It is at our Facebook support group in the Files, I have written several articles about it on my blog at www.maybeitsmercury.com and done more than one video about it at maybeitsmercury on Youtube. Be particularly careful of the advice of “charismatic psychopathic” practitioners, as I call them, who swear they know what they are doing. It is easy to get into a world of hurt and suffering by doing this thing wrong.

Here we arrive at who is Andy Cutler? Andy was a PhD chemist and chemical engineer with an extremely high IQ who got poisoned from his dental work and had to figure out how to get better on his own. He wrote three books about this: Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment, Hair Test Interpretation, Finding Hidden Toxicities and finally The Mercury Detoxification Manual with me as coauthor. The first two books are technical and are sold as textbooks. The Manual, that I helped with, was written for the person with brain fog and impaired intellect in mind. It takes you step by step through how to follow this protocol. The Andy Cutler protocol is arguably the most conservative way to detox mercury. And believe me, as I explained above, it is easy to make yourself worse, so conservative is the way to go.

Metal chelation is a well understood concept in chemistry and the protocol uses true dithiol mercury chelators dosed on their half- life. These have a particular affinity for mercury, and can latch on to the mercury ion, tear it away from wherever it has lodged and escort it out of the body. The chelators are dosed on their half-life to keep blood levels steady. You do not want to be mobilizing bolus doses of this stuff and have the bulk of it redistribute to somewhere worse than where it started out.

It takes a whole book to explain everything. You can buy The Mercury Detoxification Manual at www.maybeitsmercury.com. You can join the Facebook group and get free help over there. Or you can hire me or one of the couple of other coaches to talk you through it.

I hope this information reaches those people who need it and have "eyes to see and ears to hear."


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