Yeast and Adrenals in the Context of Chronic Mercury

In the Detox Manual we tell you that digestive issues are almost universal with mercury toxic people. Mercury deactivates many liver enzymes and prevents the pancreas from releasing digestive enzymes when it is supposed to. It directly poisons the immune system, causing it to stop killing yeast and parasites like it’s supposed to and to possibly go berserk attacking innocent bystanders like gluten or your own body.

Years and years ago, when I didn’t know about any of this, I went to my chiropractor with my vast array of disparate problems, and he told me I had a candida or yeast infection. He made me go on a special diet of absolutely no sugar and a few other odd things like mushrooms. (I don’t know why you are not supposed to eat mushrooms, but I didn’t.) I also had to do a course of caprylic acid, which is a yeast killer. I started to feel better, but as with everything I did in those days, it lasted for a while but didn’t stick.

From my own experience I have noticed that as soon as I get overstressed, my digestion goes south. I often talk about the meditation retreat from hell that I did years ago. I got lost driving down to Barre, MA and crashed my adrenals and spent a month and a half with every possible manifestation of insomnia. All the food there disagreed with me. Especially the kimchi which now I think set off a massive die off when I ate it. Six weeks of spiritual practice turned me in to a cranky monster.

In Amalgam Illness, Andy explains that mercury toxicity can cause the adrenal glands to not excrete enough cortisol. Low cortisol reduces immune response to yeast and promotes poor stomach acid production which also favors yeast.

He always said that the adrenals are the last thing to recover when you detox metals. It was an epiphany for me when he remarked in passing that anxiety and insomnia are adrenal symptoms. I guess he just assumed that everybody knew that. I certainly didn't. I had never even heard of adrenal glands.

Doctors rarely know anything about this You have to have Addison’s disease before they begin to take notice. If I start going on about my adrenal function, they look at me as though I have two heads. I NEVER tell them that I dose myself with 10 mg of HC a day. “People with low cortisol, levels,” says Amalgam Illness, are likely to have yeast problems, and may benefit from 5mg hydrocortisone 2-4 times per day. This is contrary to popular wisdom among both mainstream and alternative MDs, but it is both what their books say and what is observed in people who try this.” Anybody who wishes to learn more can purchase the book Safe Uses of Cortisol, by Dr. William Jeffries.

I don’t think my adrenal function is really going to recover, what with all the mercury I got exposed to and how I burned the candle at both ends for so many years. And I am 75. I manage well enough with the regime I have figured out for myself. I just must be careful of my adrenals, or I will be up all night and start getting dysbiosis.

Andy did not advise people to start taking cortisol willy-nilly. He advised starting off with adrenal cortex and see how far you get with that. When people get into the 20 or 30 Thorne 50 mg caps a day, then it is pretty clear they need something else, too. He said they should do this, in addition to their other adrenal support, but hopefully, in this case, they would need less adrenal cortex

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