Back in the day, mercury was used extensively in medicine. Calomel purgative, for example, a mercury product, was used up until the 1960s!

When I started this mercury detox process, I knew that all mercury needed to be out of my mouth. The local biological dentist who looked at my x-rays said, “I see you are no stranger to dentistry.” I had eight amalgams and four crowns. He did all the needful to protect me from mercury vapor and dust and so forth.

He did have me swish my mouth with chlorella, which seemed to make sense at the time. Andy subsequently told me that it puts the mercury chips and dust into solution and makes them easier to absorb… consequently a big no-no. Still, I came through the whole thing without incident and didn’t actually feel any better or worse for the experience.

I called up my old, “ordinary” dentist about the crowns, wanting to know if they had any amalgam under them. “I think they are okay,” was what he had to say, so I went with that. It was a huge amount of money to get those crowns removed and replaced.

I started chelating with DMSA as per Andy’s instructions. After three months, I added lipoic acid and all hell broke loose! I got a terrible, dull pain in my upper abdomen. It felt like I had been kicked by a horse.

This was accompanied by overwhelming exhaustion. I tried to go on with life, but I had to keep lying down halfway through anything I was doing. I happened to get my blood tested and my liver enzymes had shot in to the triple digits.

If somebody came to me with similar symptoms nowadays, I would have a pretty good idea what was happening…but at the time I was new and kind of bumbling stupidly along. In the middle of the night, I woke up and had what I call “a voice from God” experience. It came to me, “you had better go and check under those crowns.”

I went back to the dentist and he tried to knock them off but they were glued on too well. “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked me. We were looking at $3,000 of work to cut them off and replace them. As testimony to my faith in what I was doing, I got the four of them off. Thank God, my mother had left me a little money and I had some cash!

Two of those suckers had decay under them, so the dentist felt somewhat better about what he had done. But under one of them, was a tiny piece of amalgam. It blew off in to my lap and we retrieved it. “Do you mean that such a small a piece can cause so much trouble?’’ he asked me. Yes indeed! And smaller than that, even!

My brother was exposed to a lot of metal in his life. “A mixed metal intoxication,” according to Andy. He suffered from what looked like early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. As he wasn’t making any progress chelating, we went back to the dentist and asked for a panoramic to see if he had missed anything. Wrong choice! Now I know you need high quality bite wing x-rays to find these “little bastards,” as one of my friends and clients has called them.

Above is a picture of my brother’s tooth. That little crescent shape on the second tooth from the right on the bottom is a small piece of amalgam that the dentist missed.

My poor brother chelated for years with that “little bastard” and although he never had violent symptoms like I did, he never got any better. He died a few months ago from progressive dementia. As for me, once I got my crowns cleaned up, I was able to chelate without incident and have since recovered my health.

Now, when people come to me who are not making any progress, and who are not able to increase their dose of chelator, the first thing I think of is some “little bastard” left in their teeth.

Many dentists don’t realize how important it is to get every last smidgen of amalgam out. In TheDetox Manual Andy says, “Dentists are trained to leave as much of the actual tooth intact as possible.

Even the best holistic dentist may think it is okay to leave a tiny fleck of mercury behind before putting back a crown. They were originally told that amalgam was totally safe. When they figured out that wasn’t true, they were told that amalgam was ‘sealed’ under crowns and was safe because of that. This is not true either.”

If you are going to be taking chelators of any kind, you need to get a perfect job done on your teeth. Get bitewing X-rays of the work and get a second opinion. Get x-rays of any tooth before you let the dentist put on a crown. Don’t trust anybody’s word. It is your life that is at stake so be smart and vigilant.

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